Publications - Energy

  • Chile: Approval of Significant Changes in Recognition and Compensation of Energy Storage Systems and Hybrid Plants

    A methodology has been introduced to evaluate and recognize the power capacity of stand-alone energy storage systems, and the availability of data and studies has been improved to accurately identify peak hours that determine the calculation and…

  • Mexico reinstates conditions for Clean Energy Certificates (CELs)

    This encourages investment in power generation plants through clean energy and achieves higher profitability in the commercialization of CELs.

  • Mexico's Supreme Court determines the unconstitutionality of the reform to the Electricity Industry Law enacted in 2021

    This resolution represents an important step that fosters legal certainty to all participants and investors in the energy sector in Mexico.

  • Electric car charging stations: key to the electromobility success in Mexico

    El auge de los vehículos eléctricos hará necesario contar con, al menos, 38.000 electrolineras en México en los próximos 20 años, según los expertos. En este contexto, analizamos el actual marco legal para instalar y operar electrolineras en el país.

  • Newsletter on the energy market in Chile, Colombia and Peru - January 2024

    We provide the main legal and market developments for the energy sector in Chile, Colombia and Peru. Dedicated Energy teams in these countries address topics of interest to sponsors, developers, financiers and other stakeholders in the sector, such…

  • 2024: main new legislation needing to be considered by companies in Spain

    Professionals in the various practice areas at Garrigues take a look, from all angles of business law, at the main new legislation that companies will face in the coming year.

  • Spain: New measures for the electricity sector in Royal Decree-Law 8/2023

    The royal decree-law includes several new provisions that directly affect the electricity system, notably influencing the development of renewable energy plants and self-supply plants.

  • Takeaways from COP28 from a European perspective

    Following the conclusion of the Climate Summit, we analyze the agreements reached and the challenges that the goals it set raise at the European level, in a new edition of 'Garrigues Sustainable dialogs'.

  • Chile issues new regulation for capacity payment to encourage investment in energy storage

    The Ministry of Energy has submitted amendments to the current regulations on capacity payments to the Office of the General Comptroller, which include storage systems.  This regulation was largely expected by the market, given the need of…

  • New Renewable Energy Directive introduces significant changes in way projects are processed

    We look at the main benefits for projects located in renewables acceleration areas or the permit-granting process, among other changes introduced by the recently enacted EU legislation that the Member States must incorporate into national law before…

  • RED III directive approved to move forward with the implementation of renewable energy

    The objective is to accelerate energy efficiency, increase the use of renewable energy and reduce emissions in the European Union.

  • Challenges and opportunities in renewable energy financing in Spain

    Experts in renewable energy financing addressed, in a discussion led by Garrigues and G-advisory, the current state of financing for these kinds of projects in Spain, in a new edition of the “Garrigues Sustainable Dialogs”.