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  • 2024: main new legislation needing to be considered by companies in Spain

    Professionals in the various practice areas at Garrigues take a look, from all angles of business law, at the main new legislation that companies will face in the coming year.

  • 2023: The most significant legal developments that companies in Spain should keep on their radar

    Garrigues analyzes from every business law angle the most significant legislative changes that are due to arrive next year.

  • Spain - Startups Law: new tax regime for startups defined

    The new law has also added flexibility to the special regime for workers assigned abroad, enhanced the tax treatment of carried interest from the management of private equity entities and set out new rules on the obligation to disclose corporate…

  • Latin American Viewpoints - July 2021

  • Unicorns vs camels: Startups able to survive in hard times are finding a place

  • Regulatory news in Brazil's financial and payment systems foster competition and financial innovation

  • Digital Services Act: The European Commission proposes a new regulatory framework for the Internet

    The European Commission has just published its proposal to regulate digital services in two texts which even it considers ambitious: the Proposal for a Regulation on Digital Markets (analyzed here) and the  Proposal on a…

  • Are you an entrepreneur? These are the personal income tax (IRPF) central government and autonomous community incentives available

    The personal income tax legislation allows credits to be applied against the tax payable by individuals who make investments either directly or through a legal entity (e.g. through the formation of companies, capital increases, etc.).

  • Startups and debt (VI): Vendor finance, crowdfunding loans and initial trade offerings

    In the previous five articles in this series (see here) we saw the reasons and setbacks associated with startups’ exclusive dependence on equity, and the advantages of debt, in what is also a favorable scenario for debt. We saw the…

  • Startups and debt (V): Security interests in future business revenues

    In the previous four articles in this series (see here) we looked at the key role of professional investors at startups, though also at the setbacks of the exclusive dependence of these types of companies on equity and the advantages debt would…

  • Financing of startups in times of COVID-19: what public aid are they eligible for in Portugal?

    In the current situation, obtaining finance can be key for many startups, both to cover cash needs and to be able to implement new growth projects. Therefore, it is essential to identify the public or private aid which is available to entrepreneurs…

  • Startups and debt (IV): The importance of security interests and new intangibles

    In earlier articles in this series (see here) we looked at the key role of venture capital funds, the reasons and setbacks associated with startups’ exclusive dependence on equity rounds, together with the advantages that debt would have…