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  • The European Union's role guarding fundamental rights in the artificial intelligence framework: ‘nulla IA sine ethica et sine lege’

    The European Union has taken the lead with a proposal of regulation for AI, that encourages better conditions for the development and use of this technology. The key will be to achieve a regulatory framework that strikes the balance between…

  • Spain: New Regulation of the Intellectual Property Registry giving preference to electronic registration of works approved

    Although the registration of a work in a register does not attribute copyright thereto, doing so can be a safeguard against possible infringements.

  • Standard essential patents and FRAND licensing: publication by the EC of the proposal for a regulation puts the EUIPO in the spotlight for the development of IoT

    The European Commission has presented a proposal for a regulation that aims to promote the transparency and predictability of licensing of standard essential patents (SEPs) and that will promote the development, among other areas, of the Internet of…

  • Architecture and Intellectual Property: Is it possible to protect a building?

    Garrigues IP Blog.

  • 2023: The most significant legal developments that companies in Spain should keep on their radar

    Garrigues analyzes from every business law angle the most significant legislative changes that are due to arrive next year.

  • God Save the Queen: what will happen to the Royal Warrants granted by the late Queen?

    Garrigues IP Blog

  • Reviews, professional reviewers and bot farms: new obligations for online businesses

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  • Russia takes over Champagne and Cognac: Has intellectual property become a geopolitical battlefield?

    Post from Garrigues' Intellectual Property blog.

  • Can content be added to a patent application already filed or to a patent already granted?

    Post from Garrigues' Intellectual Property blog.

  • Portugal: Law No. 7/2022 prohibits geo-blocking and discrimination practices in electronic sales to consumers in the autonomous regions

    Law no. 7/2022, published on January 10, aims to prohibit geo-blocking and unjustified discrimination, as well as other forms of discrimination in online sales based, directly or indirectly, on the place of residence or establishment of the consumer…

  • Important changes in consumer protection laws: from sanctions for the use of absolutely prohibited clauses to additional information duties

    Portuguese Decree-Law no. 109-G/2021 published on last December 10, proceeds with the partial transposition of Directive (EU) 2019/2161 into the Portuguese legal order and amends several consumer protection rules contained in different diplomas.…

  • Trade names as a protective tool in the event of subsequent trademark applications

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