• Eighth anniversary of the adoption of the SDGs: UN turns on a rescue plan for people and planet

    On the eighth anniversary of the approval of the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the 2023 SDG Summit, which has been held in New York on 18-19 September, starts up a new phase of accelerated progress towards their…

  • The challenges of European AI regulation for the financial sector

    Artificial intelligence has enormous potential for financial institutions. Therefore, in addressing its regulation, the aim is to provide a framework of legal certainty to facilitate its adoption and also to address the challenges and risks for the…

  • Power transmission projects are reactivated in Mexico

    The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) is preparing a project to increase power transmission capacity on the country's west coast and the government of the State of Queretaro announces a power transmission project as a public-private partnership (…

  • Portugal: Temporary solidarity contributions on the energy and food distribution sectors

    The forms for reporting the temporary solidarity contributions (CST) on the energy sector (Model 59) and the food distribution sector (Model 60) and the respective filling instructions, were approved by Ministerial Order no. 281/2023, of 13…

  • The Government of Mexico calls to bid for the procurement of drilling services for geothermal wells in Baja California, Michoacán and Jalisco

    The deadline to submit offers for the five wells located on the two parcels is October 16.

  • The European Union's role guarding fundamental rights in the artificial intelligence framework: ‘nulla IA sine ethica et sine lege’

    The European Union has taken the lead with a proposal of regulation for AI, that encourages better conditions for the development and use of this technology. The key will be to achieve a regulatory framework that strikes the balance between…

  • The European Commission approves the first set of sustainability reporting standards to be used by companies

    In compliance with the mandate given in the corporate sustainability reporting directive (CSRD), the European Commission has approved a delegated act adopting the first set of reporting standards.

  • Spain: The clauses of a tender which result in an abuse of dominant position by a sports federation are null and void

    In a judgment in which Garrigues acted as legal director, the Provincial Appeal Court of Madrid confirms that the clauses in the bidding conditions for soccer audiovisual rights that constitute an infringement of Articles 102 of the Treaty on the…

  • Antitrust damages actions in Latin America: on the path to the European model?

    We look at the progress made in relation to damages actions for infringements of competition law in Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Chile.

  • The new social rights and covering their cost

    Companies do not have an unlimited capacity to take on their new employment obligations.

  • Labor Newsletter - July 2023

    En este nuevo número de nuestra Newsletter Laboral, contamos con un nuevo artículo de Federico Durán y repasamos las principales novedades, normativa y sentencias de las últimas semanas.

  • Spain: These are the social security rules applicable to workers relocated abroad

    A new piece of legislation defines in detail the cases in which relocated workers will be treated as having registered status for social security purposes, such as in the absence of a bilateral agreement, where such an agreement does not apply to…