The Garrigues Partners’ Meeting approves the appointment of 16 new equity partners

Of the 12 new partners named in Spain, five are women. The other four partners belong to international offices: three in Latin America and one in Portugal

From the left to the right: Xabier Urtiaga Valle, Fernando Varga Perales, Ramón Jareño Moreno, Ignacio Sainz de los Terreros Elizalde, Ricardo Villanueva Vielba, José Miguel Aniés Escudé, Laura Muñoz Gutiérrez, Cecilia María Rosende Villar, Fernando Vives (Garrigues' executive chairman), Andrés Ordóñez Rizo, María Muñoz Domínguez, Ignacio Esteban Ros, Javier Ybáñez (Garrigues' senior partner), Cecilia Pérez Martínez, Miguel Menezes da Silva, María Cenzual Aldaz, Diego Harman Vargas and Cristóbal Fainé.

The Garrigues Partners’ Meeting has approved the appointment of new equity partners. Twelve of the new partners practice in Spain and five of them (41.6%) are women. The other 4 partners come from our international offices: three from Latin America and one from Portugal. In total, 16 new equity partners have been appointed, taking the total number to 313.

At the firm’s international offices, partners have been named in Bogotá (Colombia), Santiago de Chile (Chile) and Lima (Peru); in addition to a new Portuguese partner at the Lisbon office. Latin America and Portugal are two of Garrigues’ growth markets.

Of the 12 partners appointed in Spain, five belong to the Madrid office, three are from Barcelona, and one each from the Bilbao, San Sebastián, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Alicante offices. Of the 32 Garrigues offices around the world (the firm is present in 13 countries), 18 are in Spain, demonstrating the firm’s multinational, multi-local approach, something which sets us apart, and its capacity to offer clients the same quality service at any office worldwide.

During the Partners’ Meeting, the partners had the opportunity to review the challenges faced by the firm today, such as attracting young talent and the need to anticipate new client needs. They also looked at the firm’s digital transformation journey and how the firm has adapted to (and often anticipated) market trends.

The new partners are:

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