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Comprehensive advice and custom solutions throughout the life of the company, with total commitment to our clients



Garrigues provides comprehensive corporate law advice to listed and unlisted companies over their entire lifetime, helping them find solutions to all their legal needs. We offer tailored business solutions, taking into account the context in which companies pursue their business and the jurisdictions in which they operate.

We are an international group of renowned experts recognized by the main international legal directories. As well as our technical prowess, we offer specialist knowledge and proven experience in all sectors and industries. This ensures that we participate in the largest and most complex deals in the markets we operate in.

We have the capability not only to cover the business law aspects of these types of transactions (tax, labor, administrative, antitrust matters, etc.) but also to lead the coordinating and execution of deals with a significant international component involving multiple jurisdictions. Our work is geared towards simplifying the complexities inherent in corporate transactions, taking care of our clients beyond each specific corporate transaction, at every stage of their business activity.

Our added value stems from our total commitment to our clients and to achieving their goals: we allocate the best resources to each project and actively participate in the design, selection and implementation of the deal structure.

We provide services to all types of companies, as well as to their minority and majority shareholders, and their managing bodies.

Our services

  • Constitution of companies.
  • Reform and updating of bylaws and internal regulations
  • Capital increases and reductions.
  • Analysis of the legal issues relating to the transfer of shares and interests; support for or direct performance of the role of secretary to the board of directors or other management bodies.
  • Drafting, negotiation and advice in relation to shareholders’ agreements.
  • Legal and contractual issues relating to the composition and election of managing bodies, dividend policies, director compensation systems, the international relocation of the registered office and, in general, to all corporate matters.
  • Corporate governance and sustainability aspects.
  • Business restructuring and alteration of legal form (mergers, spin-offs, global transfers of assets and liabilities, etc.), at both national and international level.
  • Defense of the interests of the company, its shareholders or directors in situations of potential corporate conflict.
  • Preparation, negotiation, analysis and interpretation of commercial contracts.

When it comes to M&A deals, we advise public, private and industrial companies and businesses, financial investors, private equity companies and their managers, both national and international (whether acting as buyers or sellers), as well as the target company itself and/or its management team.

  • Corporate acquisitions (share deals and asset deals).
  • Competitive procurement processes, advising on all legal and procedural aspects necessary to ensure the proper conduct of the process.
  • Legal due diligence of target companies, assets and businesses in corporate transactions.
  • Agreements for the sale and purchase of companies, assets and business units, joint ventures, strategic alliances and other corporate transactions (mergers, spin-offs, etc.), including all legal documentation necessary for the transaction, as well as advice, preparation, negotiation and execution of the supplementary agreements that generally accompany this type of transaction (agreements for the provision of transitional services, leases, commercial services, financing, etc.).
  • Advice to companies and groups on the preparation and planning of corporate transactions of all kinds.
  • Public M&A deals, including the planning and execution of tender offers, defense measures, delisting processes (public to private), etc.

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