Ethics and corporate governance

Committed to ethics and the fundamental principles of the legal profession



At Garrigues, we have an unshakeable commitment to ethical and responsible conduct in the pursuit of our activity. This means that our professionals are not only required to strictly comply with all laws and regulations, but also refrain from taking any action or imparting any advice that could be considered questionable from an ethical standpoint.

We have a comprehensive compliance management system in place, made up of the Garrigues internal regulations setting out the standards, policies, procedures and rules of conduct applicable to all members of the firm, both internally and in their dealings with clients and third parties.

Garrigues internal regulations

Garrigues’ internal regulations set out the values, principles, standards, policies, procedures and rules of conduct applicable to all members of the firm. The regulations are composed of the Code of Ethics, the internal anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing regulations, the Corporate Compliance Program, professional rules and standards, and the internal policies, as existing at any time.

This enshrines the values, principles, rules and guidelines on conduct constituting the ethical model of behavior that must inspire and govern the conduct of the firm’s members at all times, in order to foster ethical and responsible behavior by all Garrigues professionals, and embodies Garrigues’ commitment to the principles of business ethics and transparency in all of its dealings.

Consult the Code of Ethics

The prime objective of the program is to ensure an authentic culture of compliance at Garrigues. It consists of measures designed to prevent and mitigate potential crime risks that have been previously identified and assessed, and supervision and control measures to ensure compliance with our internal regulations.

These set out the obligations and procedures in place at Garrigues to comply with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing legislation.

The internal policies further specify and define the principles and guidelines set out in the Code of Ethics and establish the framework for pursuit of our activity. These policies notably include:

Policy on measures to combat corruption, bribery and trading in influence

This reflects our absolute rejection of any form of corruption, bribery or trading in influence and our defense of free and fair competition.

Consult our Policy on measures to combat corruption, bribery and trading in influence

Policy on suppliers

This sets out the values, principles and guidelines applicable to the process of engaging suppliers of goods and services.

Consult our Policy on Suppliers

Consult our Code of Ethics for Suppliers

Policy on information security

In line with the ISO 27001 standard, this sets out the fundamental information security principles of the Garrigues group.

Consult our Policy on Information Security

Policy on the Garrigues internal reporting system

This outlines the general principles and operation of the Garrigues Internal Reporting System. Its primary goal is to strengthen and foster a culture of reporting as a means to prevent and detect irregular conduct.

Consult our Internal Reporting Channel

Policy on conflicts of interest

This establishes the applicable criteria and procedures to be followed to ensure that potential conflicts of interest are adequately identified, prevented, checked and resolved.

Privacy and data protection are a priority in dealings with our stakeholders. We have a program for compliance with privacy legislation in Europe (General Data Protection Regulation and national laws) and in every country in which we operate. This program is overseen by the data protection officer (DPO) and the Garrigues DPO Office.

A solid and transparent corporate governance system

As a professional limited liability company, Garrigues is owned by all of the firm’s practicing partners.

The Partners’ Meeting is the sovereign body of the firm and its validly adopted resolutions are binding on all partners. One of Garrigues’ unique characteristics is that no partner owns more than 2% of the firm’s capital. The structure and members of the firm’s managing body are determined by the Partners’ Meeting every four years.

The management, administration and representation of the firm falls to the executive chairman, Fernando Vives, by decision of the Partners’ Meeting. In carrying out his duties, the executive chairman is supported by the Management Committee and by other advisory committees. The office of director is not remunerated.

CV: Fernando Vives

The firm’s senior partner is Rosa Zarza. She is tasked with the following functions, among others: supervising, supporting and reporting to the executive chairman; reporting and submitting proposals on the firm’s corporate governance to the Partners’ Meeting; ensuring correct application of the measures set out in the Corporate Compliance Program and the anti-money laundering policy; managing legal conflicts of interest and safeguarding the firm’s reputation. In carrying out her duties, the senior partner is supported by and chairs the Board of Partners and is assisted by the various advisory committees.

CV: Rosa Zarza