ESG Commitment

We believe in the law as a means of responding to society’s greatest challenges



As an international legal reference, we are determined to address the major challenges facing society and to help build a climate of trust and security that fosters a fairer, more ethical, responsible and sustainable world.

Our commitments

  • Helping companies on their sustainability journey, bringing our know-how, expertise and, above all, common sense to the table, in the conviction that sustainable companies will emerge stronger from any challenge.

    Our advisory services, offered to clients by multi-country and multidisciplinary teams of experts in all areas of business law, are coordinated through Garrigues Sustainable, which brings together over 20 years’ experience across 12 service lines.

    Garrigues Sustainable

  • Assisting businesses with their digital transformation. Our peerless international and multidisciplinary teams have an expert understanding of different technologies and disruptive business models.

    AWe help organizations implement their digital strategy, advising on legal risks and regulatory changes, sharing knowledge and offering insight into the main legal issues faced by businesses on their digitalization journey.

    Garrigues Digital

Our internal committees, policies and plans ensure a merit-based, equal-opportunity work environment where all opinions matter and are respected. We firmly believe that diversity, understood in its broadest sense, enriches our organization and is the main source of innovation and development at the firm.

  • Fourth Equality Plan

    The Fourth Garrigues Equality Plan renews our commitment to equal opportunities for women and men and includes new measures favoring diversity of talent. In 2008 Garrigues became a benchmark in the European legal services sector with the publication of its first Equality Plan.

  • Garrigues Optimum Plan

    This plan, which has received awards at European level, helps employees achieve a better work-life balance, favoring shared responsibility and more flexible and efficient work management. It allows new parents to reduce their working hours for two years following the end of their maternity or paternity leave, with no impact on pay or career advancement.

  • Annual Mentoring Program

    This program promotes the professional development of women based on specific goals in order to enhance their role at all levels of the organization.

  • Disability commitment

    We are committed to hiring people with disabilities and participating in disability initiatives through the pro bono program, corporate volunteering and research into projects that advocate social inclusion and equal opportunities.

We are committed to causes we believe in, both as professionals and individuals, and we do our part to help.

  • Pro bono program

    The Garrigues pro bono program coordinates the legal and tax advisory services we provide free of charge to non-profit organizations worldwide.

  • Community outreach

    Garrigues’ community outreach program includes corporate volunteering, running inhouse campaigns to support different organizations and sharing information within the firm on social and charitable initiatives.

  • Garrigues Foundation

    Set up on April 1, 1997, the Garrigues Foundation contributes to social welfare and to the development and promotion of science, education and culture in the field of law.

We support legal education and research through chairs in law, observatories and collaborative projects with universities all over the world.

  • Garrigues Chair on the Modernization of Company Law

    Created in conjunction with Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICAI-ICADE) in 2011, the Chair promotes research into company law and examines the best ways to update Spanish corporate legislation in a European and global context.

  • Garrigues Chair in Law and Business

    Created in 2011 in tandem with Universidad de Zaragoza, this Chair aims to encourage research and development of the law and its connection to the business community. The Garrigues Award for students at Universidad de Zaragoza is granted each year by the Chair.

  • Garrigues-ICADE LegalTech & NewLaw Observatory

    Created in 2020 together with Universidad Pontificia Comillas, the Observatory aims to be a forum for research and cooperation among the different players in the legal sector to explore the impact of technology on legal services and implement projects to boost the industry’s digital transformation.

  • Centro de Estudios Garrigues

    This teaching institution, in which the firm retains a minority holding, was established in 1994 with the aim of sharing with society the professional experience and knowledge attained by the firm in the field of business law.

We have pledged to help drive the shift towards a low-carbon circular economy through the environmental initiatives established in the Garrigues Sustainability Plan, which is applied throughout the value chain and includes the transition plan for climate change mitigation.

Our road map for raising awareness and promoting more responsible consumption, more sustainable spaces and a lower carbon footprint:

  • Energy efficient offices
  • Responsible consumption of resources
  • Lower carbon footprint

Our sustainability journey

Sustainability planning and ESG commitment are two important pillars of Garrigues’ business strategy, aligned with the 2030 Agenda SDGs. With this approach, we seek to improve our social, environmental and governance indicators. We have been a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact since 2002.

Creation of G-advisory, our energy and ESG technical consulting arm

Adhesion to Global Compact

First carbon footprint calculated

First annual CSR report published (now called the Sustainability Report)

Launch of our Equality Plan, the first in the Spanish legal sector

Formalization of our pro bono and corporate volunteering program

Publication of our Code of Ethics, with an explicit commitment to the environment

Launch of our Corporate Compliance Program

Compliance Officer role created

Launch of Second Equality Plan

Certification as ‘Equal Opportunity Employer’ from the Spanish Ministry of Equality

Introduction of Code of Ethics for Suppliers

100% of our EU offices powered by energy from renewable sources with guarantee of origin

Launch of Third Equality Plan

Creation of Garrigues Sustainable and our ESG Committee to reaffirm our commitment as an advisory firm and as an organization

Compensamos las emisiones de alcance 1 y 2

Renewal of Equal Opportunity Employer certification

Launch of Fourth Equality Plan, in line with Royal Decree 901/2020

Launch of our internal Ride the ESG Wheel campaign

Participation in the Business & Human Rights Accelerator, as part of the United Nations Global Compact

In our day-to-day activity, we focus our efforts on securing the sustainable growth of the firm and on driving development, innovation and productivity of businesses and of the economies we operate in. We also promote the rule of law, transparency, the creation of strong institutions and equal access to justice for all, as well as the building of partnerships to achieve the SDGs.

Our internal policies promote the good health and well-being of all our stakeholders; champion quality education and learning opportunities; contribute to gender equality and equal opportunities; ensure safe and secure working environments and promote business innovation, productivity and economic growth; include sustainability practices and urgent measures to combat climate change.

Through the pro bono program and community outreach, we contribute to the goals of no poverty, zero hunger, health, education, gender equality, economic growth, reduced inequalities, peace, justice, strong institutions and the creation of partnerships to attain these goals.