Strategic vision

We are there for our clients,    
helping them make the best-informed decisions



Clients are at the very heart of what we do. We are there to support them every day, anticipating their needs and helping them make the best-informed decisions considering all angles of business law. To drive our business forward, we leverage different aspects, such as internationalization, digitalization and sustainability.

Internationalization: multi-local and multinational

Garrigues’ international commitment has propelled the firm to open own offices in 12 countries on 4 continents, with teams able to operate locally, regionally and internationally.

  • 4,000 clients worldwide

    • We have won the trust of businesses from 86 countries.
    • We are leaders in the Iberian market, with more than 1,200 professionals, 18 offices in Spain and 2 in Portugal.
    • We operate in global financial centers: New York, London and Shanghai.
  • 30 offices in 12 countries on 4 continents

    • Our distinctive growth model is based on opening own offices with local teams that fully embrace the Garrigues culture.
    • We are a benchmark in major deals, with a business model that ensures the same quality of service worldwide.
  • One of the largest direct presences in Latin America, with multidisciplinary local teams

    • Network of own offices in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.
    • More than 200 lawyers with local and international knowledge and experience.
    • We advise businesses in all sectors and coordinate cross-border and intraregional deals originating or culminating in Latin America.

Sustainability: the only way forward

rueda sostenibilidad

For many years now, sustainability has been one of Garrigues’ key strategic pillars, on two fronts:

  • As an organization, our ESG commitment forms an integral part of our strategy and our activities are guided by the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs. We work to promote the long-term sustainability of Garrigues from an environmental perspective (protecting the environment, minimizing our greenhouse gas emissions and fostering wider environmental awareness), a social perspective (ensuring diversity and equal opportunities, among others), from the standpoint of good governance (creating sustainable value in the long term, using a business model that prioritizes ethics and transparency), and from a financial perspective. Our commitment as an organization is to help build a climate of trust and security that fosters business development in a fairer, more ethical, responsible and sustainable society.
  • As a legal and tax firm, we guide our clients on their sustainable development journey, in the conviction that sustainable companies will emerge stronger from any challenge. We bring know-how, experience and, above all, common sense to the table in a constantly changing, disruptive and at times confusing landscape that requires a globally coordinated response underpinned by science and the law.

Digitalization: An Integrated Approach

At Garrigues, we understand the necessity of innovation to strengthen our leading position while maintaining our values and corporate culture. In this context, the firm's digital transformation is critical to evolving and preparing for the changes ahead, always staying true to our essence. 

Over the last five years, we have invested 60 million euros in digitization projects, and we continue to work with an integrated approach focusing on three interrelated areas that define our digital strategy for 2030: ensuring the security of processes and operations, increasing the efficiency and digital competencies of our professionals, and developing new services that anticipate the needs of our clients.

  • Internal Talent and Proprietary Technology

    • More Digital Lawyers: Over 90% of our professionals receive training in digital competencies. This training is part of a global continuing education program based on DigComp, the European proposal to measure and improve digital knowledge and skills.
    • Own Custom Solutions: Agiliz@ Business is a 360º system that engages our business and digital transformation professionals and our RPA (Robotic Process Automation) team, focusing on developing solutions for data processing using artificial intelligence, robot automation, and natural language processing.
    • More Efficient and Secure Infrastructure and Operations: Our Systems Plan includes a three-year investment of 45 million euros in over 100 projects aimed at operational efficiency and security.
  • New Digital Businesses

    To anticipate the needs of our clients, we identify major digital and technological trends, focusing on digital trust, digitization of contracts, and digital assets. In this context, we acquired a majority stake in EAD Trust, a qualified provider of electronic trust services for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

  • Collaboration with the Digital Ecosystem

    We believe that, beyond necessary individual advancements, it is essential to approach digital transformation collectively, with the participation and coordination of other key players in the profession and society.

    • Garrigues-ICADE LegalTech & NewLaw Observatory: This alliance allows us to offer an open space for legal industry players who want to share experiences and knowledge about how technology is transforming the sector and analyze the challenges and opportunities it presents for the profession and the business.
    • Founding Partners of the Four Digitalization Clusters of Madrid: Garrigues has joined the Community of Madrid and the Alastria blockchain platform to promote the creation of four digitalization clusters with which Madrid aims to position itself as the central hub in southern Europe. The initiative is intended to increase the innovation, competitiveness, and technological development capacity of companies.

Our Milestones in Digital Transformation

Throughout our more than 80-year history, we have been a pioneering firm. Our contribution has been vital in modernizing, professionalizing, and expanding Spanish law internationally. We have also led the way in technological transformation. Over the last two decades, we have positioned ourselves as a benchmark in integrated and efficient management, 4.0 collaboration, big data strategy, implementation of RPA, artificial intelligence, and new models of innovation and internal entrepreneurship.

Pioneers in the field of document management and security with the implementation of a Document Management System (DMS)

Integrated management of financial and human resource processes through SAP

We implemented OneLog for the management of electronic resources and databases

Garrigues' debut on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels

Creation of collaborative spaces with clients through Collaborate

We launched 'Big Data' strategy with DMS+ and Anonymizer

Our first internal robot development: Proces@

First automation software and apps for machine learning and AI

Garrigues Innovation Think Tank, our internal idea lab, designs its first solutions

Garrigues Work, a mobile app serving efficient management

Proposals, clarity, and automation in customer proposal service

Garrigues IN, internal talent at the click of a button

Garrigues BIZ, the evolution of the credentials database

We launched GarriguesNet, a digital platform for collaborative work

We founded Agiliz@: a team of computer engineers and lawyers for RPA and AI solutions

Garrigues and ICADE present the Legaltech & NewLaw Observatory

A global continuing education program in digital skills, based on DigComp

We incorporated Bryter, a no-code software to digitize legal processes

Development of LitiGAR for managing mass procedures

Agiliz@Business: a comprehensive 360º system comprised of business professionals, digital transformation experts, and RPA.

Garrigues acquires 51% of EAD Trust, a provider of digital trust services

We approved the Internal Policy on the Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence Systems