The subjected question is one of most popular questions raised by the foreign invested entities in China. Our answer is YES. The Chinese entities need to contribute the PRC social security for foreign employees working in China, and said foreign employees need to contribute individual part of the PRC social security as well.
Decree-Law no. 71-A/2021, of August 13 was published in the official gazette, amending the extraordinary aid for the progressive resumption of activity (hereinafter, “APRA”) established in  Decree-Law no. 46-A/2020, of July 30. 
It was published in the Portuguese Official Gazette, the Council of Ministers’ Resolution no. 101-A/2021, of 30 July, which establishes the state of calamity throughout mainland Portugal until the 11:59 hours of the 31st of August 2021 and foresees the applicable legal regime.
Following the V Social Dialogue Agreement reached between the Government, the labor union organizations UGT and CC.OO. and the employers’ associations CEOE and CEPYME, Royal Decree-law 11/2021, of May 27, on urgent measures for the defense of employment, economic reactivation and the protection of self-employed workers, has been published today, May 28.