Ethics and corporate governance

Committed to ethics and the fundamental principles of the legal profession



Garrigues has always sought to be a firm that is close to the client, with the constant concern of knowing and attending to their needs. Our main objective, an essential part of the identity of the firm, is to be able to contribute the value of a technical advisory service of the highest quality that respects the ethical principles and values ​​of the profession: integrity, loyalty, independence, permanent training, dignity and respect, and professional secrecy.

Garrigues internal regulatory system

Garrigues' internal regulatory system includes these values ​​and principles, as well as the rules and guidelines for conduct required of members of the firm. This, in turn, is made up of the Code of Ethics, internal regulations on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, the Crime Prevention Program and internal policies.

It is the main element of that normative system. It includes the ethical behavior model that should inspire and govern the actions of the firm's members, aimed at promoting ethical and responsible behavior by all of them, as well as Garrigues' commitment to the principles of business ethics and transparency in all its activities. areas of action. Compliance with this code is understood to be without prejudice to strict observance of applicable regulations, ethical standards and other provisions of Garrigues' internal regulatory system that may apply.

Consult the Garrigues Code of Ethics

It is made up of the policies and procedures established in the firm regarding due diligence, information, document preservation, internal control, risk assessment and management, client admission, internal control bodies and compliance with information and communication obligations.

Its purpose is to prevent or avoid conduct that may entail criminal liability for the firm and, where appropriate, react to it.

Among them, it is worth noting the policy on conflicts of interest since, given the large number of clients of the firm, the diversity of its areas of specialization and the different offices and countries in which Garrigues carries out its professional activity, the proper identification, prevention, management and resolution of conflict of interest situations that may arise in our professional practice.

Corporate governance

The legal form of the Garrigues law firm is that of a professional limited company, owned by the partners who carry out their activity there.

Professionals who are promoted to this category by agreement of the Board, prior proposal of the administrative body, may achieve the status of partners. Partners may only be holders of one or two shares. There is no partner that owns more than 2% of the capital (a differential fact in our firm).

Structure and governing and administrative bodies

The General Meeting of Members is the supreme body for deliberation and decision. Every four years, the Board designates and elects the company's administrative body, which is chaired by a single administrator: executive president and managing partner of the firm. This position is currently held by Fernando Vives. This body is responsible for the management, administration and representation of the company with the powers attributed to it by law and bylaws in force.

The executive president and managing partner must report to the Board of Partners, at least once a year. In the exercise of its activity, it has the support of various advisory bodies provided for in the bylaws: the senior partner, the Board of Partners and the Professional Practice Committee, each of them from their respective functions.

Currently, Garrigues' senior partner is Rosa Zarza, who is therefore responsible for chairing the Board of Partners. Both the executive president and the senior partner belong as full members of the Council.