Equal opportunities

The Ministry of Equality has decided to extend Garrigues’ certification as an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE), a mark of excellence that acknowledges companies “that notably and significantly excel in the application of equal treatment and equal opportunity policies” through equality measures and plans.
Since January 13, 2021, employers have been required to fully comply with the new equality obligations, following the entry into force of Royal Decree 901/2020, on equality plans and their registration. Moreover, measures aimed at reducing the pay gap, as contemplated in Royal Decree 902/2020, on equal pay for women and men, will start to apply from April 14, 2021, six months after its publication in the Official State Gazette.
The Garrigues partners Mónica Martín de Vidales, joint head of the Corporate/Commercial Law Department, Rosa Zarza, head of the Labor and Employment Law Department and Susana Pimenta de Sousa, from the Portugal office, feature in Iberian Lawyer’s new ranking of the Top 50 women in the legal industry in Spain and Portugal.
The Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equal Opportunity has awarded Garrigues the distinction of being an Equal Opportunity Company, a brand of excellence that acknowledges companies that stand out “in a relevant and specially significant way in the application of equal opportunity Plan policies”. Garrigues is the only law firm this year to achieve the distinction (published last Saturday in the Official State Gazette), which has been awarded to companies in different sectors since 2010.