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  • The challenges of European AI regulation for the financial sector

    Artificial intelligence has enormous potential for financial institutions. Therefore, in addressing its regulation, the aim is to provide a framework of legal certainty to facilitate its adoption and also to address the challenges and risks for the sector, customers and supervisors.
  • Garrigues wins four awards from Latin Finance for its project and infrastructure work

    The annual Latin Finance Projects and Infrastructure Finance Awards recognize standout project and infrastructure transactions in Latin America, a field considered fundamental for the region’s economic advancement. Four project finance deals that Garrigues advised on, led from the Chile and Colombia offices, came top on this occasion.
  • NPLs and REOs in Spain, Portugal and LatAm: more securitizations and transactions in Southern Europe

    NPL transactions continued in the first quarter of 2022. Spain and Portugal were the most active jurisdictions with our Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon offices playing a leading role.
  • NPL and REO transactions continue to take off in Latam, Spain and Portugal

    NPL transactions continued to take off in the third quarter of 2021. A growing interest in NPL securitizations has been perceived, especially in Spain. In Europe, meanwhile, talks continue on two key topics: the draft directive on credit purchasers and credit servicers – which has made great progress –, and talks on the European Banking Association’s templates aimed at simplifying NPL portfolio transactions. The gradual disappearance of forbearance programs and other support measures in Latin America, Spain and Portugal are fueling very reasonable estimates on the forthcoming launch of new transactions.
  • Social bonds gain ground in Latin America

    Latin America and the Caribbean was the region with the fastest growing thematic bond market globally. This context prompts interest in the impact of sustainable investment and the potential of social bond issuances in Latin America, as well as how the legislation has evolved in each jurisdiction. In this article, we deal with the current situation in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.
  • NPLs and REOs: LatAm, Spain and Portugal wake up to debt market new normal

    Transactions with non-performing loans (NPLs) started to take off in the second quarter of 2021, especially in Spain and Portugal. The gradual fading in continental Europe of the health impact of COVID-19, combined with the progress made in vaccinations, have allowed various “sleeping” transactions to be brought back into motion and new transactions to be closed between the first and second quarters of 2021. Meanwhile, in the global arena, there have now been numerous alerts from regulators over the deteriorating quality of financial institutions’ loan assets. The coming to an end of governmental relief or forbearance measures, combined with the heightened impact of COVID-19 on very specific business sectors, are likely to hasten the pace of NPL transactions over coming months.
  • The fintech industry is making inroads in Latin America with new legislation

    The different jurisdictions in the Latin American region are proposing new regulatory schemes on 'fintech' matters. In this article we analyze the main regulatory trends in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Brazil.
  • A digital euro: what is it and what consequences could it have?

    The European Central Bank (ECB) plans to announce shortly whether it will launch a design and creation project for a digital euro, something which, as the institution itself has said, would have an immense impact. We need to know therefore what the digital euro would be legally and what implications it could have for many parties in the financial system and in particular for banks and other financial institutions.
  • A clearer view of the horizon for credit servicers in Spain

    Luis de la Peña y Juan Verdugo, socios de los departamentos Mercantil y de Reestructuraciones e Insolvencias, respectivamente.
  • NPLs and REOs in Latin America, Spain and Portugal: 2021, a year of transition for debt markets

    Debt markets continue to feel the calming — even sedative — effects of the battery of support measures rolled out to counteract the decline in business activity due to the effects of COVID-19. Jumbo deals involving non-performing loans (NPLs) are expected to resume in the last quarter of 2021. Until then, we will witness two very interesting developments: single name sales and the appearance of new players in the debt market.