It was published today in the Official Gazette Law no. 4/2019, of January 10th, which aims to promote the engagement of disabled persons and their introduction in the labor market, through the establishment of a mandatory quota system for disabled persons, with a disability degree equal or superior to 60%, in the employer’s headcount.
Ruling no. 30208, of 4 January was disclosed on the Portuguese Tax Authorities’ website, clarifying the interpretation and application of article 275 of Law no. 71/2018 (Budget Law for 2019), which transposed the Council Directive (EU) 2016/1065, of 27 June 2016 [amending Directive 2006/112 (EU), of 26 November 2006 – “VAT Directive”) as regards the VAT treatment of vouchers.
Regulatory Decree no. 13/2018, of 28 of December, was officially published, which establishes the maximum threshold for impairment losses and other deductible corrections on the assessment of the taxable income of the entities subject to the supervision of Bank of Portugal, as well as the rules applicable for its determination, according to articles 28-A (2) and 28-C (1) of the CIT Code.