Garrigues and Microsoft sign a strategic partnership agreement to drive innovation and the use of AI

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The alliance will strengthen the innovation and digitalization strategy of the law firm, with AI at its heart, to improve its internal processes and the services it provides

Garrigues and Microsoft have signed a strategic partnership agreement to foster innovation and, among other aspects, accelerate the firm’s digitalization process, optimize its operations, increase the productivity of its lawyers and administrative staff and improve the management of its clients’ digital businesses.

Through this agreement, which has been signed by Fernando Vives, Garrigues’ executive chairman and Alberto Granados, president of Microsoft Spain, both organizations seek new opportunities for the application of generative AI in the firm. They will also explore opportunities to collaborate in the context of the new digital business division through which Garrigues develops digital trust products and services, contracts and digital assets for the corporate market.

The challenge of implementing and adopting this technology in different areas of the firm will enable Garrigues to gain more ground as a market leader, extend its client portfolio, develop completive advantages and improve its user experience.

"For Garrigues it is an honor to have a partner such as Microsoft in these times, in which generative AI is going to mark a watershed moment for the legal sector. Integrating Copilot with our Garrigues GA_AI tool and the Azure cloud, together with future opportunities that we will explore together, will prove to be a step forward that will enable us to continue at the forefront of technology and improve the service we offer our clients", said Fernando Vives, executive chairman of Garrigues.

"We are delighted to accompany Garrigues and help them face the challenges and unlock the opportunities that AI delivers in the current environment. With this alliance we want to explore new means of collaboration that enable us to drive innovation in the legal sector, while also offering cutting-edge digital solutions that benefit both Garrigues and its clients", said Alberto Granados.

Customized generative AI program

Garrigues and Microsoft will work together to set up a customized version of Copilot for Microsoft 365 in order to harness all of generative AI’s potential and improve the productivity of its professionals, enabling them to concentrate on value added tasks for the firm and its clients and make better decisions in their daily activities. In addition, with Copilot for Microsoft 365, Garrigues will continue to enjoy the same security and privacy for its data as it does with Microsoft 365, including the protection of the EU Data Boundary.

Garrigues and Microsoft will also work together on other projects such as embedding the Garrigues GA_AI AI platform, developed by Garrigues, within the solutions and services of Microsoft Azure, in the area of generative AI. This will enable Garrigues to take advantage of the numerous resources of the Microsoft cloud platform to optimize tasks, develop capabilities and train and create models within the Garrigues GA_AI platform, for the benefit of Garrigues’ entire corporate operations.