• Social security contributions order for 2023 has been published

    The order determines the maximum and minimum contribution bases and rates effective as of January 1, 2023. The maximum contribution base is set at €4,495.50 per month.
  • Directive on corporate sustainability reporting is published

    The new EU legislation requires companies to report regularly on the effect of their activities on people and the environment.
  • How does the Government’s energy efficiency plan affect heating and air conditioning at companies? Questions from the labor point of view

    Post from Garrigues' Labor blog.
  • Garrigues hires Carolina Camacho as partner to head the labor practice in Colombia

    The firm continues to bolster its Latin American offering with the addition of a new partner, Carolina Camacho, who will take charge of the labor law department in Bogotá.
  • An equality plan, the best gift to celebrate International Women’s Day

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  • Spanish Ministry of Work publishes Labor Inspection Authority’s Strategic Plan for 2021-2023

    The plan addresses, across four key pillars, various measures in relation to inspection work, aimed at modernizing, updating and strengthening the inspection agency itself.
  • The common thread of the labor reform

    Just as, thanks to Ariadne's thread, Theseus managed to find the way out of the labyrinth after having taken care of the Minotaur, we would need to identify a common thread, not just to get out, but simply to guide ourselves in the labyrinth that the processing/negotiation of the labor reform has become. The problem is that it is not easy to find this thread, in the generous hypothesis that it exists. But let us make an effort, searching not only in the proposed texts but also in the multiple statements, counter-statements, corrections and denials that adorn the debate.
  • Labor Newsletter - November 2021 | News

  • Labor Newsletter - November 2021

  • COVID-19: Protection under ERTE temporary layoff procedure system extended until February 28, 2022, approval of new minimum wage and other employment measures

    The government and representatives of workers’ and employers’ organizations have sealed the VI Labor Relations Agreement on the Protection of Employment adopting a number of measures targeted at extending the ERTE COVID-19 temporary collective layoff procedures . An increase in the minimum wage and other important measures from a labor standpoint have also been published.