Technology & Outsourcing

Garrigues boasts a multidisciplinary group of professionals with extensive experience and considerable expertise in providing legal advice to the IT and e-business industries and markets, on projects for the roll-out of technology and on the procurement of technological resources and functions using various formulas (outsourcing). Our team is considered one of the most prestigious and respected in the market.

Our industry-specific know-how, combined with the involvement of renowned experts across all areas of business law (corporate/commercial, M&A, contracts, data protection, tax, labor and employment, antitrust, intellectual property, administrative, litigation) and our close collaboration with specialists from the Telecommunications & Media industry group, enables us to take part in deals and litigation and advise on highly complex projects and engagements in these industries and markets, and our work is consistently singled out for praise by clients and competitors.

The presence at different offices in our international network of seasoned professionals with expert industry knowledge places us in an ideal position to manage and coordinate local and multi-jurisdictional projects in the following areas:

Advising technology and e-business companies and ventures

Our global support structure and professional expertise in this area enables us to regularly advise global operators and emerging, innovative tech firms, as well as groundbreaking e-business ventures and initiatives. We have consistently provided legal support in the development of e-businesses, including the most recent developments relating to cloud services, social networks and m-commerce, big data, the Internet of Things and M2M communications, smart cities, and new technology trends as applied to the financial sector and payment methods (FinTech).

Being in constant contact with this environment increases our capacity to absorb and embrace the latest technological trends, new service and business models, and the legal challenges they pose and, above all, helps us to create innovative legal solutions to respond to our client’s needs in this area.

Corporate transactions and strategic alliances

The ability of our professionals to offer bespoke industry and regulatory advice enables us to offer expert legal assistance regarding investments and divestments at tech-based firms (including those made by industrial partners and by technology-oriented private equity and venture capital funds), the creation of alliances and joint ventures, the engagement of technological services and platforms, and the launch of projects and initiatives to implement information technologies and electronic channels in various business sectors.

Corporate management of legal risks

Our ability to provide multidisciplinary legal advice takes on particular significance when it comes to providing support in decision-making and the management of corporate risks relating to the technological ecosystem in which businesses operate. The participation of world-class experts in the areas of company law and corporate governance, intellectual property, data protection, consumer protection, labor and employment law, and criminal law makes us ideally placed to create legal environments to prevent and mitigate these risks, and to respond to specific crisis situations in the event of corporate incidents.

Procurement of technological resources

Our expert team provides global advice on contracts for the supply of corporate services, solutions, platforms and equipment for IT systems and business processes using different types of contract and service models: from development projects (waterfall and agile methodologies), hardware supply, system installation contracts and software licenses, to procurement formulas in the cloud using “software as a service”, “Platform as a service” or “infrastructure as a service” models, among others.

Global support in technology or business process outsourcing

The contractual, corporate, regulatory, labor, tax and environmental implications of outsourcing for any organization, whether as regards technology (infrastructure, applications and other IT functions) or BPO, require global legal support to enable risks to be properly analyzed and managed and decisions to be taken with the due legal safeguards in place.

Our multidisciplinary team enables us to offer clients comprehensive legal advice on both the design of outsourcing policies in general and in all phases and aspects of specific transactions: from project design and the contractual process, selection of service providers, the externalization of production units and the drafting and negotiation of service agreements, to the management and monitoring of the contractual relationship and the management of crisis situations between clients and service providers, including the renegotiation of agreements and involvement in any related litigation and arbitration proceedings.

Our multidisciplinary approach and industry-specific expertise means we are ideally placed to provide integral advisory services to tech firms and other companies engaging IT resources in the market, providing added value for our clients.