• 10/17/2017

    The new tax related regulations issued by Chinese government for you as part of our retainer services.

  • 10/09/2017

    It was published in the Official Gazette the Decree-Law no. 126-B/2017, of 6 October, which introduces changes to the Portuguese legal framework retirement of beneficiaries of the Social Security general system as well as the civil servants social protection scheme, namely regarding early retirements for beneficiaries with long careers.

  • 10/09/2017

    A brief on the latest prc laws and regulations issued by the relevant authorities.

  • 10/02/2017

    Ministerial Order no. 293/2017, of 2 October, was published which creates the Tax Authorities’ Validation Seal (SVAT) and defines the rules for its assignment to accounting programs, regarding the production of the SAF-T (PT) audit file, that can be requested by the software producers (which means than its assignment is not mandatory). The ministerial order enters into force on October 3, 2017.

  • 09/27/2017

    September newsletter prepared by professionals from the Tax Department.

  • 09/26/2017

    Following the Commentary that we have made available on 10 May 2017, informing about the entry into force of Law no. 15/2017, of 3 May – which prohibits the issuance of bearer securities and foresees the creation of a transitional regime for the conversion of the existing bearer securities into registered (nominativos) securities – we inform that today enters into force Decree-Law no. 123/2017, of 25 September (DL 123/2017), which foresees the regime for the conversion of bearer securities into registered securities, in execution of Law no. 15/2017, of 3 May. 

  • 09/25/2017

    For the purpose of further guiding, regulating and promoting the development of outbound investments (“ODI”), on August 4, 2017, the General Office of the State Council issued a circular on forwarding the Guiding Circular of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the People’s Bank of China and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Further Guiding and Regulating the Direction of Outbound Investments ([Guo Ban Fa [2017] No.74]) (“Circular 74”).

  • 09/21/2017

    The Ministry of Finance and the Civil Service has approved - by means of Order HFP/816/2017 of August 28, 2017 - Form 232, which is the information return in respect of related-party transactions and transactions and situations linked to countries or territories classed as tax havens.

  • 09/21/2017

    A brief on the latest prc laws and regulations issued by the relevant authorities.

  • 09/13/2017

    Ordinance no. 272/2017, of 13 September, was officially published, amending Ordinance no. 293-A/2016, of 18 November, which regulates the conditions and procedure for the acquisition of the right to exercise the conversion to the State established in the special regime applicable to deferred taxes resulting from the non-deduction of costs and negative variations concerning impairment losses and post-employment benefits or long-term employment, approved by Law no. 61/2014, of 26 August, amended by Law no. 23/2016, of 19 August, to provide the constitution of a deposit in favor of the State within three months maximum counting from the confirmation of the conversion of the deferred tax assets in tax credit, as foreseen in Ordinance no. 259/2016, of 4 October, which regulates the mentioned regime, harmonizing the dispositions of both ordinances.