German Desk

German Desks staffed by lawyers from German-speaking countries (in particular Rechtsanwälte) who are also members of the Spanish Bar Association, and supported by Spanish lawyers with a command of the German language. The members of the German Desk have a wealth of professional experience in their specialist practice areas and are located throughout Garrigues’ network of offices.

Our aim is to facilitate tax and legal advice to the firm’s clients who, given the nature of their business, are frequently in contact with Germany, offering a two-way service to German clients in need of advice on Spanish law, and clients who require tax and legal services in relation to German law.

With respect to the former, the German Desk provides its German-speaking clients with a specialized channel of communication to address their doubts regarding tax and legal aspects of Spanish law. Our knowledge of the language and, in particular, of the two legal systems and business cultures, enables us to offer our clients a service of the highest standard, working closely with our colleagues from the other departments and offices of the firm.

As regards Spanish clients, the German Desk offers, when the case requires it, advice on German law through its Rechtsanwälte or, if the situation so requires, facilitates access to and contact with top-tier firms from Germany and other German-speaking countries (Austria and Switzerland).

In short, the German Desk permits us to apply our service-oriented approach to German-speaking clients and to Spanish clients with interests in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.



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