The new Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Law, approved by the lower house of the Polish Parliament (Sejm) last July, aims to establish a regulatory framework supporting both government agencies and private companies in jointly carrying out major service provision projects.
Since 15 March 2018, financial statements can only be submitted to registry courts in electronic form. During the transitional period from 15 March to 30 September 2018, it will still be possible to submit scans of the paper versions of the abovementioned documents, however they must be signed using a qualified electronic signature, or with the signature of a trusted ePUAP profile. The submission of financial documents by electronic means also requires an account in the S24 system.
The Act on Openness in Public Life, which is currently being prepared, entails many changes that are sure to be important for many enterprises. There are three main areas in which the proposed act will have a direct effect on the operation of enterprises, both those belonging to the public finance sector and private companies.