Tourism and Hotels

One of the measures adopted by the Andalusian government to contend with the effects wrought by the health crisis on the economy is the recent Decree-Law 14/2021, of July 6, 2021 (July 13, 2021 edition of the Junta de Andalucía Official Gazette). The decree´s name has all the makings of a statement of intent: “providing incentive measures for the renovation and modernization of tourist accommodation establishments”.
Andalucía has introduced a new legal regime for tourist accommodation in order to boost a sector  that has suffered from the consequences of the pandemic Among the measures adopted, it is worth to highlight  the new classification system; recovery of the ‘Grand Luxe’ rating; the possibility to use certain types of establishments, including student residences, temporarily as tourist accommodation; a new definition of tourist accommodation contract; or the inclusion of hostels as hotel establishments.
On May 25, 2016 the European Commission adopted a proposal for a Regulation to combat geographical blocking practices (geo-blocking) as part of its strategy to achieve a Digital Single Market. The three main objectives of this initiative are: to ensure that consumers and enterprises have better access to goods online; to create an environment in which digital networks and services can prosper; and to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the digital industry with a view to boosting economic growth.