Startups & Open Innovation

When drafting, negotiating and signing a shareholders’ agreement as a consequence of an investment round in which a venture capital fund (fund) acquires a stake in the share capital of a startup, the fund must be clear about what fundamental clauses should be included for its greater protection from the founders of the startup who have been managing the company since its incorporation. Likewise, every entrepreneur/founder must understand that such shareholders’ agreement will include certain essential clauses so that a fund is fully protected when it invests in a startup.
One way to boost the digital economy in the EU would be to help banks making loans to new businesses. To do this, the institutions themselves need to know about venture debt and other possible products, and the European and national authorities need to support a stable legal framework adapted to the business environment including the area of bank finance.
Its aim is to enhance development and competitiveness of start-ups. P.S.A. as legal form easy to incorporate, run and dissolute is among others dedicated to small technological firms demanding freedom and flexibility in running business. Incorporation and running of P.S.A. is to be simpler, faster and cheaper than other companies.