Labor and Employment Law

Following the declaration by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Health of the State of Alert for the whole country, the Council of Ministers, on March 13th 2020, approved a set of measures, of extraordinary and urgent nature, in response to the epidemiological situation of the new COVID-19, having, on the same date, been published in the Official Gazette, Decree-Law n.º 10-A/2020 and Resolution of the Council of Ministers n.º 10-A/2020, as well as Ordinance n.º 71-A/2020, of March 15th 2020, being these diplomas that came to operationalize the measures announced.
We are currently undergoing a public health crisis, caused by the new coronavirus («COVID-19»), the impact of which on the business sector could have significant legal consequences, from a contractual, dispute resolution, labor, regulatory and even criminal perspective. This broad range of potential incidents should warrant special attention and be handled from a multidisciplinary legal point of view.
On April 12, 2019 was published on Diário da República the Decree n. º 112-A/2019 that regulates the creation of the Contract-Generation measure (hereinafter “measure”), which consists on the assignment of financial incentives to indefinite and simultaneous hiring of young searching for their first job and unemployed of long and very long term.