Intellectual Property

Following Decree No. 3-A/2021 of 14 January which regulates the state of emergency decreed by the Portuguese President and in order to respond to the movement of people that was observed during the first days of the new confinement, the Government decided to proceed with the first amendments to the aforementioned Decree imposing more restrictive measures to face the accelerated growth of the pandemic in Portugal.
The European Commission has just published its proposal to regulate digital services in two texts which even it considers ambitious: the Proposal for a Regulation on Digital Markets (analyzed here) and the  Proposal on a Regulation for Digital Services (DSA) which we address below. In forthcoming articles, we will take a close look at the many changes that lie ahead. Today, by way of introduction, we provide a summary of the main obligations (and rights) contained in the Proposal for a Regulation on Digital Services.