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Labor and employment matters have become key to business management and leadership in the fast-moving and complex environment in which local and international organizations operate.

The Garrigues Labor and Employment Law service boasts a team of professionals with proven experience and is a leader in all labor and employment law specialties in the countries in which it operates. We advise on all labor, employment and social security specialties.

Our advisory services are characterized by our professional commitment to our clients, our service vocation, our involvement and knowledge of the business of each sector and each client, the constant search for innovative and custom solutions, with a practical and strategic focus that delivers added value, and our cross-cutting and insightful approach.

The excellence of our extensive labor and employment team and its broad expertise secure our position at the forefront of business law advisory services and value-added legal practice and know-how. We are also opinion makers and innovators.

We harness the latest technologies to expedite our work and facilitate interaction with clients.

Our services

Employment contracts (ordinary and senior management); compensation and benefits; social security contributions; internal policies and protocols (remote working, recording of working time, digital disconnection, use of IT systems and work tools, policies to prevent bullying and sexual harassment, corporate social responsibility, whistleblowing and labor-related compliance, etc.); work/life balance; supplementary employee welfare; flexible working measures; international assignments; occupational risk prevention.

Design and implementation of temporary and definitive measure to secure the future viability of businesses (collective dismissals, temporary layoffs (ERTE), RED mechanisms, voluntary redundancy plans, etc.)

Defense of client interests at all instances and in all matter brought before the labor and judicial review courts.

Collective labor agreements and company agreements, standardization of conditions, material modification of working conditions, collective transfers, etc.

Equality plans, sexual and gender-based harassment protocols, and other policies and measures to promote equal treatment and opportunities in the workplace, shared parental responsibility, and to enable employees to balance their personal, family and work life.

Review of compliance with labor and employment law, whether as a preventive measure or as a result of corporate transactions.

Preparation of policies and evaluation of steps and measures to be implemented by companies. Advice on the preparation, implementation and review of the due diligence procedure and compliance with labor-related ESG criteria.

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