Fashion Law

Tradition meets innovation in helping clients navigate the complexities of the industry value chain



The Garrigues Fashion Law service provides comprehensive, global and specialized advice to ensure an effective legal response to the new challenges faced by the sector, covering all angles of business law.

Our combination of tradition and innovation gives us a competitive edge. We have longstanding relationships with our clients, going back decades, but we also accompany them on their digital transformation journey, as fashtech innovators.

Our clients come from the entire fashion industry supply chain, including designers, manufacturers, distributors, e-commerce platforms, content agencies, retailers, etc. We have a broad industry perspective that goes beyond clothing, footwear and accessories, taking in the jewelry, watch, cosmetics and perfume sectors, as well as content creation and advertising agencies.

Since 2015, we have also been a driving force behind the first training courses in fashion law to be offered in Europe, through the Master’s Degree in Business Management in the Luxury and Fashion Industries and the Executive Program in Fashion Law: Digital Transformation in Fashion and Retail.

Our services

  • Advice on industrial and intellectual property matters, including trademarks, industrial designs, patents and artistic creations. Defense in civil and criminal proceedings for unauthorized use of IP and in unfair competition proceedings.
  • Integrated Industrial Property Agency for international and strategic portfolio management, with a particular focus on the complexities surrounding renowned trademarks.
  • Contracts relating to traditional distribution channels, including franchises, agency contracts and selective distribution networks.
  • Multidisciplinary advice on e-commerce and integral marketplace management.
  • Matters relating to Web3, including AR, VR and XR, generation and sale of NFTs, strategies for entering different metaverses, etc.
  • M&A due diligence.
  • Advice on tax, labor, real estate, data protection and ESG matters.
  • Legal implications relating to consumers and users, including defense in civil and administrative proceedings in conjunction with customer service departments.
  • Advice on marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns, reputational crises and crisis communication.

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