Garrigues celebrates innovation

The firm held its Digital Innovation Day, showcasing its most innovative projects

June is Innovation Month at Garrigues. On June 3, the firm showcased its most enterprising side with its third annual Digital Innovation Day, an inspiring event reflecting the growing interest and concern among Garrigues professionals for bringing new, team-built ideas and projects into their work. Enthusiasm, collaboration between different professional profiles and a search for practical solutions to improve client service have underpinned Garrigues’ ascent as one of the most innovative business law firms in Spain and worldwide.

Dozens of Garrigues professionals attended the event held at the Madrid office, while hundreds more connected in from other Garrigues offices in Spain and worldwide, via streaming. Those that came in person enjoyed a first-hand view of the projects underway at the firm, many of which were born from ideas developed at Garrigues Think Tank encounters.

The Innovation Center welcomed visitors both in person and virtually throughout the day to highlight the most innovative tools and projects at Garrigues and to answer questions and stimulate an exchange of feedback and ideas among attendees. The firm also set up a virtual “ideas box” during the week, so that all members of the firm could do their part to help the firm in its ever-evolving quest to be more innovative.

The Digital Innovation Day agenda featured a series of talks both in the morning and the afternoon, showcasing all the innovative projects Garrigues has in the pipeline and those that have already been rolled out, while laying the groundwork for future projects.

A number of Think Tank members also spoke at the event, sharing what it meant for them to have formed part of these projects from their inception and what they - and the firm - gained both in terms of a shift in mindset and the search for new solutions, working alongside people from different practice areas, departments and professional category.

Sessions were also held to analyze the most innovative trends in the legal sector in Spain and abroad and to learn what the most cutting-edge tech companies are doing, in their own words. In these sessions, participants discussed how important it is that the technological revolution and artificial intelligence help build a society in which innovation does not mean taking away from the role of people in organizations, but rather endowing them with new tools to help them work better and more efficiently.