Con fecha 20 de abril de 2021 fue publicada en el Diario Oficial la Ley 21.320 que establece una modificación a la Ley 19.496 sobre protección de los derechos de los consumidores. El objetivo de dicha modificación es establecer límites a las empresas que realizan llamadas o comunicaciones a consumidores por deudas contraídas con proveedores de bienes y servicios, en especial considerando el contexto de la pandemia producida por el COVID-19.
The situation caused by the pandemic has brought an increase in breach of contract proceedings around the world, including in Latin America. It is therefore helpful to know how concepts such as fortuitous, force majeure, and hardship events are defined. We take a look at these in the legislation of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.
Teleworking, working from home or remote working gained particular importance in 2020 due the various measures adopted by governments and employers to curb COVID-19 infections. So an understanding is needed of the new rules and situation of the legislation on this subject in the various jurisdictions. We examine below the current situation in a few Latin American countries such as Chile, Colombia or Peru.
Pension fund regulations may be an incentive or deterrent when considering establishing operations in a country. This is why it is important to understand the new rules and situation of current legislation on the subject in various jurisdictions. Below we examine the current situation in Mexico, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Chile.