Sustainable mobility

There is growing awareness that the social and environmental problems caused by mobility pose a huge challenge, requiring a shift to more sustainable and responsible alternatives that also seek to improve road safety and public spaces.

We provide full-service legal advice in connection with new laws and regulations, and we analyze the implementation of sustainable mobility plans from a technical and economic standpoint.

We offer comprehensive legal advice on the new sustainable mobility regulations approved at all levels of government, ranging from how people move about to business R&D projects (logistics platforms, shared transport, personal mobility devices, self-propelled vehicles, electric, hydrogen and hybrid vehicles and those using other alternative propulsion systems, rental platforms, T&C, compliance with consumer and user legislation, etc.), as well as decisions falling to governments (public transport, short sea shipping, public awareness, subsidies, sustainable urban planning, traffic regulation and tax advantages).

All of this is rounded out by the technical and economic studies we offer on implementation of sustainable mobility measures and plans aimed at optimizing journeys and cutting transport-related emissions.

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