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Passenger mobility, goods transport and logistics have become increasingly important factors in recent years. The growing complexity of the sector demands highly specialized advice.

Since creating the Transport, Logistics and Shipping service line in 2000, Garrigues offers egal, regulatory and tax advice to clients in relation to transport (sea, air and land), international trade and logistics.

Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals from different branches of the law with practical commercial expertise and in-depth knowledge of the domestic and international legislation in force.

The Transport, Logistics and Shipping service operates out of many of our offices across the globe. In Spain, it is mainly based in Madrid, Bilbao, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Vigo and Barcelona. We also have an extensive worldwide network thanks to our offices in London, Brussels, China (supporting the growing trade links between Asia and Spain), Morocco and Portugal (Lisbon and Oporto). In Latin America, we have offices in Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Chile.

Our team is widely recognized as being among the best in the industry by the main legal publications and international directories.

Our services

  • Public sector transport concessions and contracts (financial adjustments, price reviews, administrative and judicial review appeals, etc.).
  • Air transport, aviation law and airport law.
  • Land transport.
  • Rail transport and infrastructure.
  • Multimodal transport.
  • Logistics and advice on ancillary and supplementary transport activities.
  • Drones, autonomous vehicles and vehicles with automated driving systems.
  • Sustainable mobility.
  • Enabling instruments.
  • Challenges to sectoral plans.
  • Penalty proceedings and judicial review proceedings.
  • Regulatory requirements.

  • Dry shipping: sale and purchase, construction, finance and registration of ships; charters; bills of lading; port services and other ship operating contracts.
  • Wet shipping: marine casualties, incidents and accidents, salvage, removal and marine pollution.
  • Ports and terminals: concessions, port handling, port law, port civil liability and port property.
  • Litigation and arbitration: cargo damage claims, ship arrest and attachment, maritime mortgages, liens and proceedings, administrative (penalty) proceedings and judicial review proceedings.
  • Insurance and reinsurance:: hull and machinery, civil liability (P&I) and cargo.
  • Administrative regulation of shipping lines, and penalty proceedings and judicial review proceedings.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Cruise ships, fishing and aquaculture.

  • Sale and purchase, construction, finance, registration and import.
  • CYacht chartering.
  • Taxation: VAT, import tax and special taxes on certain modes of transport (IEDMT).

  • International sale of goods and international practices.
  • Banking practices in international trade: documentary credit and guarantees.
  • Judicial and nonjudicial advice on areas of international trade.

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