Garrigues launches the GoCertius app, its first digital trust product, with EADTrust

GoCertius, which is accessible to everyone, provides digital evidence with maximum security and legal efficacy

Garrigues has presented at its Partners' Meeting, the GoCertius app, an electronic certification tool that ensures the integrity and legal security of digital files, placing the firm in the digital trust market. It is the first product (now available here) that has emerged from the alliance created in May following the acquisition by Garrigues of 51% of EADTrust, a qualified trust service provider registered with the Ministry of Economic Affairs that operates throughout Europe.

GoCertius is aimed both at individuals, as well as companies and organizations that need to generate secure digital evidence, that is legally valid, of any digital files. Its unique value lies in its qualified timestamp which enables you to prove the authenticity and integrity of your files, from photos and videos to PDF documents, text or code. It meets the highest security and legal efficacy standards of the electronic certification market.

GoCertius: digital legal protection and security for everyone

GoCertius helps to protect rights and prevent fraud and litigation in the digital environment. It can be used in countless situations:

  • Proof of everyday events and legal prevention: for situations in which it is necessary to verify a particular circumstance (damage to property, existence of an asset, unusual phenomena etc.) GoCertius offers a quick and legally valid solution since it authenticates photos and videos. It can also be used as an authentication method on social media.
  • Evidence of accidents: as evidence of damages or situations in the event of accidents, the photos or videos timestamped by GoCertius can be decisive in insurance claims or legal processes.
  • Business and contracts: it can be used to record the existence of a digital transaction, to document any type of acceptance of policies or terms of use, or the status of goods or services at the time of the sale and purchase or lease agreement.
  • Intellectual property: authors and creative professionals can protect their digital works, ensuring their authorship and date of creation, safeguarding their legal integrity and also as a tool against deep-fakes.

Integration in business processes

Beyond its individual use, the GoCertius technology offers advanced capabilities for integration in business processes. Through APIs or customized installations, GoCertius is an essential tool for compliance and to ensure digital legal security in all types of organizations, regardless of their size.

Availability and access

GoCertius is now available on iOS and Android. It also offers a professional corporate version designed for intensive use and the specific needs of companies. It can also be acquired as an integrated service, adapted to each particular organization.

To download the app:

In this video we explain how GoCertius works.

About EADTrust

EADTrust was created in 2009 to respond to the challenges of digitization. Its objective is to help companies adapt to the new paradigm and provide them with the tools to guarantee the security, authenticity, integrity and legality of their processes. Its services focus on the creation, verification and validation of electronic signatures, electronic seals or timestamps, certified electronic delivery services and certificates related to such services; the creation, verification and validation of certificates for website authentication; and the preservation of electronic signatures, seals and certificates related to these services, including modules for electronic invoicing systems and electronic corporate voting. It also offers supplementary services to third-party systems for biometric signatures, certified digitalization and certified accounting, among others.