The Murcia office opened in 1997 and has seen spectacular growth since then.

Its size has enabled the professionals in each practice area to specialize and gain in-depth insight into the specific characteristics of each economic sector in the region. Among other matters, the Firm is the leading provider of advice on issues involving family businesses (generational succession, the wealth planning of shareholders, etc.), and on business restructuring, international taxation, corporate acquisitions and disposals, real estate transactions, insolvency proceedings, collective layoff procedures, etc.

All of our Murcia professionals belong to specific specialist groups within each practice area, ensuring a very high standard of quality and meaning that dedicated teams can be quickly and readily assembled to provide multidisciplinary services in Spain or abroad.

Garrigues is the leading provider of multidisciplinary services in Murcia and has extensive experience in advising the public and private sectors.


Portillo de San Antonio, 8
30005 Murcia (Spain)
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