Indian Desk

For a number of years now, the law firm Garrigues has been assisting its clients in making their first investments in the Indian market. Currently, our special knowledge of the distinctive characteristics of the Indian market places us on an excellent footing to provide advice to companies interested in establishing themselves in India, guiding them in their first steps based on an approach that is both practical and groundbreaking.

In addition to our professional experience in India, we have a clear commitment to raising awareness of the distinctive nature of the Indian market, demonstrated by our regular involvement in numerous seminars and presentations throughout the country in close cooperation with different business, academic and cultural organizations, and our active participation in various initiatives involving Spanish companies in India.

In mid 2009, Garrigues joined the board of trustees of Fundación Consejo España - India, alongside leading Spanish corporations such as Acciona, BBVA, Santander or Indra. The organization was created in January of 2009 under the aegis of a number of public and private entities, including the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It aims at intensifying the bilateral relations between the two countries in all sort of fields, including the scientific, cultural, academic, research and environmental, as well as fostering the economic, trade and business relations between Spain and India and improving the mutual understanding of the two cultures.

This experience and commitment has enabled Garrigues to assemble a team of lawyers and professionals especially dedicated to providing advice to companies that are looking to make investments of all kinds in the Indian market. These professionals are located in our main offices, thereby covering almost the whole of Spain.

Although Indian legislation does not currently allow foreign firms to have offices in India or to advise on Indian law, the close relations that our Indian Desk maintains with the main firms in India, carefully selected for each practice area, enables us to guarantee that our clients always receive services of the highest quality.

We believe that, at the present time, there is no other firm in Spain to match our experience in and commitment to this market.


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