The annually update of the monetary devaluation indexes was approved by Ordinance no. 253/2022, of 20 October, regarding the indexes to be applicable to the goods and rights transferred during 2022, whose value should be updated in accordance to articles 47 of the CIT Code and 50 of the PIT Code, for the purpose of determining the tax base of the referred taxes, in particular regarding capital gains.
Law no.  18/2022, of August 25 was published in the Official Gazette, introducing changes to the legal framework of entry, stay, departure and removal of foreigners from national territory and introducing the necessary conditions for the implementation of the Mobility Agreement between the Member States of the Portuguese Speaking Countries Community.
Published in the official gazette Rule no. 205/2022, of 11 August, clarifying the terms and conditions applicable to employers that dropped out of the “Extraordinary Incentive for Business Regularization” (introduced by Decree-law no. 27-B/2020, of 19 June and regulated by Rule no. 170-A/2020, of 13 July), regarding the 50% exemption of Social Security charges for the employer.
New PIT withholding tax tables, which are in force for the Mainland in 2022, were approved for employment income paid or made available as from 1 July 2022, by Order no. 8564-A/ 2022, of the Secretary of State for Tax Affairs, rectified by Rectification Order no. 629-A/2022.