Administrative Law

On May 15, the Ministry of Energy of Mexico (SENER) published in the evening edition of the Official Gazette of the Federation an executive order issuing the new Policy towards the Reliability, Safety, Continuity and Quality of the National Electric System (the Policy), substituting the reliability policy issued on February 2017.
Under the argument that the Covid19 outbreak has resulted in the reduction of electric energy consumption by end users in Mexico and, therefore, the reliability of power supply should be strengthened, the National Center for Energy Control (CENACE) issued a ruling in connection with the Market Information System on May 1 dated April 29, pursuant to which it decrees the technical measures to be followed to guarantee the efficiency, quality, reliability, continuity and security of the National Electric System (SEN). In the face of these actions, companies can consider some legal actions.
Royal Decree-Law 17/2020, of May 5, 2020, approving measures to support the cultural sector and tax measures to confront the social and economic impact of COVID-19, contains important new provisions on public procurement along with aid and subsidies for the culture industry.
We analyze Royal Decree-Law 16/2020, of April 28, 2020, published in the April 29 edition of the Official State Gazette (BOE), adopting procedural and organizational measures to confront COVID-19 (RDL 16/2020). And entering into force on April 30, 2020 (the day after its publication in the Official State Gazette).
We analyze from the standpoint of corporate law/commercial contracts, labor, tax, litigation and administrative law, the main new legislation introduced by Royal Decree-Law 15/2020, of April 21, 2020, adopting additional urgent measures to support the economy and employment (RDL 15/2020), published in the Official State Gazette -BOE- on April 22, 2020.