Transport & Shipping



  • Hiring of private security services made easier for Spanish vessels potentially affected by piracy

    To date security firms were required to be authorized in Spain, so in practice it was virtually impossible to embark security personnel on Spanish flagged vessels.
  • Transport and Shipping Newsletter - December 2022

  • Spain: Bill for the General State Budget Law for 2023 introduces a new tax benefit: the Reserve for Investments in the Balearic Islands (RIB)

    The RIB consists of a reduction to the taxable amount for the tax concerned, in respect of the portion of the taxable person's income obtained from economic activities, including amounts obtained from transfers of assets used in them, which is used to record a reserve to undertake certain types of investments in the Balearic Islands.
  • Ukrainian seafarers temporarily to be considered EU nationals

    This new measure in support of Ukrainian sailors is added to that extending the temporary employment contracts and temporary residence and work permits (for employed work) of Ukrainian seafarers registered on Spanish vessels.
  • Spain: New steps in the process for approval of the Sustainable Mobility Bill

    The goal is to reduce greenhouse gases and pollutant emissions in transport.
  • The system of provision of stevedores will be established in the bylaws of the Port Employment Centers ('Centros Portuarios de Empleo')

    This is established by a recent reform introduced in the new regulation of the protection of consumers and users from situations of social and economic vulnerability.
  • Start of the alternative dispute resolution mechanism for the protection of air transport users

    Passengers will be able to access a faster and free alternative to resolve possible disputes with airlines.
  • Transport and Shipping Newsletter - June 2022

  • New developments for sustainability of road haulage

    Drivers are forbidden to engage in loading and unloading of goods and a carriage charge review clause is introduced due to variation in fuel prices.
  • In what cases can boats allocated to nautical chartering be used privately?

    Various pieces of legislation and also rulings of the Directorate General of Taxes clarify the effects of the use by the owner of the boat for private purposes.