The Supreme Court has concluded that directors are entitled to the exemption for work performed abroad as part of their executive activities. Also, the courts are placing limits on the documents that the tax authorities are allowed to request from the taxpayer to prove that the tasks were performed for the benefit of nonresidents companies or entities.
New PIT withholding tax tables, which are in force for the Mainland in 2022, were approved for employment income paid or made available as from 1 July 2022, by Order no. 8564-A/ 2022, of the Secretary of State for Tax Affairs, rectified by Rectification Order no. 629-A/2022.
Several courts have pronounced on the special pricing rule for transfers of unlisted shares and in particular on how to apply the rule to transfers of shares in dormant or newly created companies. They have also pronounced on the burden of proof in relation to market value and on whether a limited review is a valid procedure for examining these transactions.
By Order 7048/2022, of 27 May, issued by the Portuguese Tax Authorities’ General Director, it was published the new list of taxpayers whose tax situation should be followed by the Unit of Large Taxpayers ("Unidade dos Grandes Contribuintes"), and therefore are covered by the Large Taxpayers obligations as of the day of entrance in force of the referred Order (3 June 2022).
Due to the ongoing situation of COVID-19 in China, especially in Shanghai, the Chinese government has introduced more regulations and policies or extended the deadline of the previously issued regulations and policies to further support both the economic development and the business. In this Newsletter, we will share with you detailed provisions of these policies in Shanghai focusing on the topics of labor and employment, leasing, tax, etc. Depending on the location of your business, there could be more specific implementation rules at local level.