Garrigues and the Asociación Española de Leasing y Renting (AELR) (Spanish association of finance and operating lease entities) presented the work entitled “El Régimen Fiscal de las Operaciones de Arrendamiento Financiero” at an event held at the firm's main offices in Madrid. The participants at this event included the chairman of the AELR, José Coronel de Palma y Martínez-Agulló; the chairman of the Spanish Accounting and Audit Institute (ICAC), Enrique Rubio; and Eduardo Abad, the partner in charge of Garrigues’ tax department, who coordinated the work of the group of experts from the firm by which this book was produced.
The Official Journal of the European Union published two VAT amendments this week: one extending the time period for the reverse charge mechanism in certain transactions, the other concerning the ability to charge reduced rates on electronic books, as occurs with paper books.
For many years, a long list of multinational groups have offered share-based incentives to their employees. In this context the compensation is often paid by an entity (the entity offering the incentive, which is usually the group’s parent company) that is not the employer. Sometimes the payer (parent company) does not charge the cost of the compensation to the subsidiary employing the worker.