The Directorate of National Taxes and Customs (DIAN) recently issued a reminder to taxpayers of the deadlines - established in Decree no. 2442 of December 27, 2018 issued by the Ministry of Finance - by which not-for-profit entities (ESAL) and Cooperative Sector Entities (ESCOOP) must update their registration in order to remain under the Special Tax Regime. Failure to complete this step can result in this special regime becoming non-applicable and loss of the benefits that it offers.
Ruling no. 20208, of 18 March 2019, was disclosed by the Portuguese Tax Authorities (“PTA”), which clarifies the scope of the waiver of Special Payment on Account (“PEC”) foreseen in article 106 (11) (e) of the Portuguese Corporate Income Tax Code (“CIT Code”) introduced by Law n.º 71/2018, of 31 December, which approved the Budget Law for 2019. 
Combatting tax abuse by making regulations stricter has become a permanent feature of changes in legislation that traditionally apply to taxpayers from the beginning of a new year. This is the purpose behind the introduction, starting from 2019, of the obligation (applying to both legal/advisory financial businesses and their clients) to report tax arrangements (known as the Mandatory Disclosure Rules or MDR) and the change in accounting for withholding tax (WHT) based on preferential rates, consisting in introducing the obligation to recover this tax after it has been paid. The introduction of the so-called exit tax, in turn, is to discourage taxpayers from transferring their businesses outside Poland.