It has been published in the official website of the Portuguese Tax Authority, the postponement of the deadline to comply with the obligation to prepare and submit the transfer pricing file, to which large taxpayers are subject, under article 130, no. 3, of the Corporate Income Tax (IRC) Code, to July 22th, 2021 (in line with the postponement of the submission of the IES/DA).
A surcharge has to be imposed for the late filing of self-assessments. For this to apply, however, the self-assessment must be filed spontaneously, in other words not due to a prior request by the authorities. In a new decision, the Central Economic-Administrative Tribunal (TEAC) made the definition of prior request more flexible.
The VAT exemption applicable to domestic supplies and intra-Community acquisitions of goods, needed to combat the effects of the COVID-19 disease by the State and other public bodies or by non-profit organizations, was extended from 30 April to 31 December 2021, by Law no. 33/2021 of 28 May.