• Whistleblowing channels at companies in Spain: the key aspects of the new law protecting whistleblowers from all angles

    La nueva Ley de protección al informante obliga a las empresas a contar con un canal de denuncias. Lo analizamos desde diferentes puntos de vista (laboral, protección de datos, penal, gobierno corporativo y prevención del blanqueo de capitales).
  • The challenges posed by the European Directive on minimum taxation for enterprises

    Enterprises are facing one of the most important new tax developments in the last years due to the Directive which establishes a global minimum tax of 15% for large groups operating in the EU. 
  • By 31 December 2023, producers must notify how they will meet their container obligations

    They will have to choose between an individual scheme or join a collective extended liability scheme.
  • Sports & Entertainment Magazine - May 2023

    Magazine of the Sports & Entertainment industry corresponding to the last quarter focusing on tax and legal matters of interest.
  • The EU addresses in depth the principles of transparency and equal pay between men and women and the promotion of genuine equality of persons with disabilities

    The directive to strengthen the application of the principle of equal pay for equal work or work of equal value between men and women through pay transparency and enforcement mechanisms has been published. In addition, a resolution of the European Parliament addressing very diverse aspects relating to disability, forming part of the European Union Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2021-2030.
  • Spain: High temperatures will mean employers must adopt preventive measures in order to protect employees

    Se establece la obligación de prever medidas adecuadas frente a riesgos relacionados con fenómenos meteorológicos adversos, incluida la prohibición de desarrollar determinadas tareas durante las horas del día  con temperaturas extremas.
  • Spain: Companies will now be able to carry out certain procedures with notaries and at registries without the signatory having to be physically present

    Law 11/2023, published in the Official State Gazette on May 9, 2023, has adapted Spanish company law to the European directive on the use of digital tools and processes.
  • Spain: The public consultation period has begun for the draft bill regulating the corporate reporting framework on environmental, social and governance issues

    El Consejo de Ministros acordó, el pasado 3 de mayo de 2023, iniciar este trámite, que estará disponible hasta el 25 de mayo, de modo que los posibles interesados en el texto del anteproyecto puedan hacer sus aportaciones.
  • Standard essential patents and FRAND licensing: publication by the EC of the proposal for a regulation puts the EUIPO in the spotlight for the development of IoT

    The European Commission has presented a proposal for a regulation that aims to promote the transparency and predictability of licensing of standard essential patents (SEPs) and that will promote the development, among other areas, of the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Garrigues Sustainable Newsletter - April 2023

    In this newsletter we compile the most relevant legal news on ESG matters in Spain, from all angles of business law.