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  • Real estate investment and finance trends in Latin America

    The pandemic, the global economic climate, and the political situation in Latin America have changed the course of real estate investment in the region. The new scenario has seen a rise in alternative mechanisms for the industry's assets. In this article we look at the main new developments observed in Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru.
  • Garrigues wins five awards at the 6th Expansión Legal Awards

    Garrigues was again one of the biggest winners at the sixth edition of the Expansión Legal Awards for Excellence in Business Law Practice, hosted by the daily financial newspaper Expansión.
  • REITs or SIGIs: an alternative for investment in real estate assets in Portugal

    Garrigues Portugal offers a detailed analysis of the legal regime of Real Estate Investment and Management Companies (SIGI) in the latest edition of the EPRA Global REIT 2021 Study. The firm's experts explain the key factors to take into account when considering investing in the Portuguese market through this vehicle.
  • Legal challenges in renting out multifamily properties in Latin America

    Renting or leasing residential properties has its own legislation in the various Latin American jurisdictions, for both private renters and professional investors alike. In this article we look at multifamily properties, a type of property with its own peculiar characteristics that requires a more careful legal analysis. Here Garrigues Latam legal professionals tackle the legal challenges that need to be considered when assessing and conducting a multifamily property business, and describe how a few of these problems are dealt with under the legislation in force in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru and Chile.
  • The government has announced new support programme for entrepreneurs: up to PLN 30 billion will be granted during the second quarter of 2021

    The government has announced the allocation of an additional PLN 30 billion to continue support for entrepreneurs under the new anti-crisis programme in the second quarter of 2021. In April alone, the amounts paid out to entrepreneurs will total PLN 7 billion - by comparison, in March the sum of support amounted to PLN 3 billion. According to the government's announcements, the measures will mainly focus on maintaining jobs, but the new programme is also to be a background of the spring economic rebound that will follow the third wave of the pandemic.
  • COVID-19: Approval of measures in relation to non-residential leases

    The Official State Bulletin of December 23, 2020 carried notice of Royal Decree-Law 35/2020, of December 22, 2020, on urgent measures to support the tourism and hotel industries and trade and in relation to tax matters (RDL 35/2020), articles 1 through 6 of which include certain measures affecting non-residential lease agreements.
  • Thoughts on royal decree laws 11/2020 and 15/2020 in relation to leases

    We analyze certain doubts about interpretation arising from some of the provisions enacted due to the crisis caused by COVID-19 in relation to leases.
  • COVID-19: Main legislative or regulatory initiatives that have been taken in Portugal

    Pandemic has entered the world’s daily vocabulary in the most dramatic and unexpected way. As the severity of the situation worsens, a growing number of legislative initiatives attempt to address the needs of citizens and society in the face of the outbreak. This note is aimed at reporting on the main legislative or regulatory initiatives that have been taken in Portugal with a view, mainly, to protecting society against the spread of the new coronavirus and the effects that the pandemic causes on social and economic life.
  • COVID-19: Portuguese Government draft bill establishes an exceptional regime for deferral of rental payments

    On March 26, 2020, the Government approved and submitted to Parliament a proposal for exceptional legislation (Draft Bill nº 21/XIV) that will allow for the deferral of the payment of rents due under lease agreements, during the emergency period of the epidemic caused by the SARSCoV-2 coronavirus and the COVID-19 infectious disease.
  • Poland: Changes in the construction process due to COVID-19

    The Act of 2 March 2020 on special arrangements for preventing, preventing and combating COVID-19, other infectious diseases and crisis situations caused by them (hereinafter referred to as 'Special Law'), introduced into the Polish legal order measures and regulations of an emergency nature, the common aim of which is to define the principles and modalities for preventing and combating SARS-CoV-2 infection and for combating the spread of disease caused by that virus, including the principles and modalities for taking anti-epidemic and preventive action to inactivate the sources of infection and to intersect the routes of spread of that infectious disease.