Following the publication of the Ministerial Order no. 339/2019, 1 October, which approved the new Stamp Tax monthly declaration (“DMIS”) and corresponding filing instructions such as provided in article 52- A of the Stamp Tax Code, the Order no. 5/2019.XXI was disclosed by the Portuguese Tax Authorities ( "PTA "), which emends the deadline to submit the DMIS of January and February of 2020
As mentioned before, SIMPLEX+ Program created a new obligation of communication that VAT taxpayers have to comply, electronically, in order to inform the Portuguese tax authorities (“PTA”) about their establishments where invoices are issued, according to Decree-Law no. 28/2019, of 15 February.
An informative note was disclosed by the Portuguese Tax Authorities (“PTA”) regarding the monthly communication of invoice elements, which clarifies that this deadline is up to the 15th day of the following month regarding invoices issued until 31st January 2019. From 1st January 2020, this deadline will change to the 12th day of the month following the issuance.
As announced in Order no. 254/2019.XXI, of 27 June, issued by the State Secretary for Tax Affairs, the Portuguese Tax Authorities (“PTA”) disclosed Ofício-Circulado no. 30213/2019, of 1 October, which contains some clarifications regarding SIMPLEX+ plan implemented by Decree-Law no. 28/2019, of 15 February.
In order to “ensure the principle of primacy of the European Union law and the full effectiveness of the GDPR”, the Portuguese Data Protection Agency (“CNPD”)  “intends to disregard, in situations of processing of personal data it may consider”, some rules of law 58 / 2019, of August 8, being the most relevant:
It was published on 24 September 2019 Decree-Law no 144/2019 which transfers from the Bank of Portugal to the Securities Market Committee (CMVM) the powers of prudential supervision of investment fund management companies and credit securitisation fund management companies (SGFTC).