Litigation and Arbitration



  • New CJEU ruling on damages arising from collusive conduct: legal costs in 'antitrust' litigation and requirements for the judicial estimation of damages

    The CJEU rules on the fifth question for preliminary ruling referred by a Spanish court in relation to proceedings for damages arising from the truck manufacturers' cartel.
  • The new arbitration rules issued by the Mexican Arbitration Center cover an important need in the local arbitration market

    On December 1, 2022, the Mexican Arbitration Center (CAM) issued its new Arbitration Rules, which will be applicable to certain procedures.
  • Transport and Shipping Newsletter - December 2022

  • CJEU judgment on the Prestige oil tanker sets new guidelines on the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments

    The European Court’s recent judgment tackles the relationship between arbitration and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in Member States and the existence of more than one judicial decision on the same matter. 
  • In what cases can boats allocated to nautical chartering be used privately?

    Various pieces of legislation and also rulings of the Directorate General of Taxes clarify the effects of the use by the owner of the boat for private purposes.
  • Preliminary Draft of the Sustainable Mobility Law proposes a new model of mobility and transport

    The new regulation treats it as a social right and introduces important new features ranging from the creation of a kind of sandbox for the development of mobility projects to the amendment of the Workers’ Statute to promote sustainable work-related travel.
  • The Provincial Court of Palma de Mallorca determines the system of liability of the maritime carrier in the event of accident

    The judgment analyzes the case of a ferry in which a fire broke out at sea, destroying the whole cargo.
  • The system of provision of stevedores will be established in the bylaws of the Port Employment Centers ('Centros Portuarios de Empleo')

    This is established by a recent reform introduced in the new regulation of the protection of consumers and users from situations of social and economic vulnerability.
  • Start of the alternative dispute resolution mechanism for the protection of air transport users

    Passengers will be able to access a faster and free alternative to resolve possible disputes with airlines.
  • Transport and Shipping Newsletter - June 2022