• Spain: Publication of the V Agreement for Employment and Collective Bargaining (V AENC)

    The agreement is signed by CEOE and CEPYME, and the labor unions CC.OO. and UGT, and its objective is to promote collective bargaining.
  • Whistleblowing channels at companies in Spain: the key aspects of the new law protecting whistleblowers from all angles

    La nueva Ley de protección al informante obliga a las empresas a contar con un canal de denuncias. Lo analizamos desde diferentes puntos de vista (laboral, protección de datos, penal, gobierno corporativo y prevención del blanqueo de capitales).
  • The EU addresses in depth the principles of transparency and equal pay between men and women and the promotion of genuine equality of persons with disabilities

    The directive to strengthen the application of the principle of equal pay for equal work or work of equal value between men and women through pay transparency and enforcement mechanisms has been published. In addition, a resolution of the European Parliament addressing very diverse aspects relating to disability, forming part of the European Union Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2021-2030.
  • Spain: High temperatures will mean employers must adopt preventive measures in order to protect employees

    Se establece la obligación de prever medidas adecuadas frente a riesgos relacionados con fenómenos meteorológicos adversos, incluida la prohibición de desarrollar determinadas tareas durante las horas del día  con temperaturas extremas.
  • Portugal: Amendments to the Sustainable Employment Commitment measure

    Ordinance no. 109/2023, of April 19 was published in the Official Gazette, introducing amendments to the Sustainable Employment Commitment measure (“Compromisso Emprego Sustentável”).
  • Challenges and new legislation in the labor field: How to tackle the trend towards reducing working hours and low productivity levels in Latin America

    In this article we look at the current working hours and those under discussion in Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico, and their implications on productivity levels.
  • Portugal: Meal allowance amount increases to € 6.00

    Ordinance no.107-A/2023, of April 18th was published in the Official Gazette (Diário da República), increasing, from € 5.20 to € 6.00, the meal allowance amount for civil servants.
  • Decent Work Agenda in Portugal: Main changes to labor legislation come into force on May 1, 2023

    Law no. 13/2023 of 3 April has been published in the Official Gazette, introducing amendments to the Labor Code, Law no. 105/2009 of 14 September (Labor Code Regulation), Decree-Law no. 66/2011 of 1 June and the Social Security Contributions Code.
  • Four-day workweek: a myth or reality?

    Recently we have been seeing more and more countries launch initiatives to test the possibility of implementing a four-day week. We will take a look at Spain and Portugal and other projects underway in Europe on our Labor and Employment Law Blog.
  • Spain: Partial modification of social security contributions order for 2023

    The new order updates the lower limit for the social security contribution base in each regime in relation to the minimum wage approved for 2023.