Labor and Employment Law

Law 10/2021, of July 9, 2021, on remote working, replacing Royal Decree-Law 28/2020, of September 22, 2020, contains a few new provisions on equality and non discrimination in remote work for workers with disabilities and revises the penalty amounts under Royal Decree-Law 5/2000, of August 4, 2000, approving the revised Labor and Social Security Infringements and Penalties Law.
It has been published in the official gazette the Law no. 16/2021, of 7 April, which introduces amendments to and updates the rules regarding exceptional aid for families outside the periods of school interruption, provided for in Decree-Law no. 8-B/2021, of 22 January and in Decree-Law no. 10-A/2020, of March 13.
As previously announced by the Government and notwithstanding the current "deconfinement" plan being executed, Decree-Law n.º 25-A/2021, March 30th, was published in the Portuguese Official Gazette (Diário da República), under which the exceptional and transitory work reorganization regime, governed by Decree-Law n.º 79-A/2020, October 1st, was extended.
Without prejudice to the “deconfinement” plan being carried out, taking into account the fragile economic and financial situation in which both employees and companies find themselves, Decree-Law n.º. 23-A/2021, March 24th was approved and published in Portuguese Official Gazette (“Diário da República”), which provides for the strengthening of the support measures, among which the following stand out: