European Union



  • 2024 European Commission Work Programme adopted

    The programme includes proposals to simplify the current sustainability reporting framework.
  • The new energy efficiency directive imposes a reduction in energy consumption by at least 11.7% for 2030

    A number of measures to promote energy efficiency are laid down and the legislation will have to be adopted before January 2025.
  • The challenges of European AI regulation for the financial sector

    Artificial intelligence has enormous potential for financial institutions. Therefore, in addressing its regulation, the aim is to provide a framework of legal certainty to facilitate its adoption and also to address the challenges and risks for the sector, customers and supervisors.
  • The European Commission approves the first set of sustainability reporting standards to be used by companies

    In compliance with the mandate given in the corporate sustainability reporting directive (CSRD), the European Commission has approved a delegated act adopting the first set of reporting standards.
  • The European Parliament approves its position on the Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence

    With this vote, the European Parliament has taken another step in the approval of the Due Diligence Directive (known by the acronyms CS3D/CSDD), aim of which is to ensure that companies operating in the internal market adopt measures to identify, prevent, mitigate, bring to an end and remedy the adverse human rights and environmental impacts of their activities, as well as those of their subsidiaries or value chains. 
  • The challenges posed by the European Directive on minimum taxation for enterprises

    Enterprises are facing one of the most important new tax developments in the last years due to the Directive which establishes a global minimum tax of 15% for large groups operating in the EU. 
  • Standard essential patents and FRAND licensing: publication by the EC of the proposal for a regulation puts the EUIPO in the spotlight for the development of IoT

    The European Commission has presented a proposal for a regulation that aims to promote the transparency and predictability of licensing of standard essential patents (SEPs) and that will promote the development, among other areas, of the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • The European Parliament approves the proposal for a directive on the pay gap

    The European Parliament approves the proposal for a directive to strengthen the application of the principle of equal pay between men and women with the aim to close the pay gap.
  • Commission's decision on tax lease partially annulled

    On February 2, 2023 the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) partially annulled Commission Decision of 17 July 2013 which declared that the Spanish tax lease system was a state aid scheme and ordered it to be recovered from the investors only.
  • Directive on corporate sustainability reporting is published

    The new EU legislation requires companies to report regularly on the effect of their activities on people and the environment.