• The European Commission approves the first set of sustainability reporting standards to be used by companies

    In compliance with the mandate given in the corporate sustainability reporting directive (CSRD), the European Commission has approved a delegated act adopting the first set of reporting standards.
  • Spain: The clauses of a tender which result in an abuse of dominant position by a sports federation are null and void

    In a judgment in which Garrigues acted as legal director, the Provincial Appeal Court of Madrid confirms that the clauses in the bidding conditions for soccer audiovisual rights that constitute an infringement of Articles 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) and 2 of the Antitrust Law (LDC) are null and void, although this is not the legal consequence provided for in those provisions.
  • Labor Newsletter - July 2023

    En este nuevo número de nuestra Newsletter Laboral, contamos con un nuevo artículo de Federico Durán y repasamos las principales novedades, normativa y sentencias de las últimas semanas.
  • The new social rights and covering their cost

    Companies do not have an unlimited capacity to take on their new employment obligations.
  • Spain: These are the social security rules applicable to workers relocated abroad

    A new piece of legislation defines in detail the cases in which relocated workers will be treated as having registered status for social security purposes, such as in the absence of a bilateral agreement, where such an agreement does not apply to the specific case concerned, or the maximum period for keeping up contributions in the worker’s country of origin has ended.
  • Spain: Royal Decree 668/2023 amends the regulations on pension plans and funds

    The royal decree contains, among other new legislation, implementation of the rules on simplified occupational pension plans, the rules on the non-discrimination principle and the provisions on merging plans where corporate transactions result in the same company becoming sponsor of more than one occupational pension plan or sponsor of an occupational pension plan and at the same time policyholder for one or more employee welfare and pension benefit plans.
  • Garrigues Sustainable Newsletter - July 2023

    In this newsletter we compile the most relevant legal news on ESG matters in Spain, published by Garrigues.
  • Spain: New Regulation of the Intellectual Property Registry giving preference to electronic registration of works approved

    Although the registration of a work in a register does not attribute copyright thereto, doing so can be a safeguard against possible infringements.
  • Spain: The Royal Decree implementing the RED Mechanism provides that closures of work centers will require six months’ notice

    The RED Mechanism for employment flexibility and stabilization created in the recent labor reform allows measures for the reduction of working hours and suspension of employment contracts. The legislation also amends the regulations governing collective layoff procedures by providing for six months’ notice in the case of closure of a center.
  • Tax Newsletter - June 2023

    We analyze the main news, judgments, resolutions and regulations in the latest issue of the Tax Newsletter.