• Garrigues Mexico obtains the “Socially Responsible Enterprise” distinction for the eighth consecutive year

    The Garrigues Mexico office has been recognized, for the eighth year in a row, as a Socially Responsible Enterprise (ESR® 2023), a distinction awarded by Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía (Cemefi) with a view to encouraging companies to initiate corporate social responsibility and sustainability practices that have a positive impact on society.
  • The European Commission approves the first set of sustainability reporting standards to be used by companies

    In compliance with the mandate given in the corporate sustainability reporting directive (CSRD), the European Commission has approved a delegated act adopting the first set of reporting standards.
  • The procedure for a European regulation on ESG ratings has started

    The initiative aims to strengthen the reliability, comparability and transparency of these activities.
  • Garrigues receives the Instrumental CEOs in the change towards equality award (‘CEOs palancas del cambio hacia la igualdad’) from the Woman Forward Foundation

    The firm is among the top 50 companies in the first 'Ranking of Companies for Equality'.
  • Garrigues receives the Sustainability Recognition Award from the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Mexico

    The Sustainability Commission of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Mexico (Camescom) acknowledged the firm's commitment to sustainability and the environment through its Eco-efficiency Plan.
  • Spain: Options for paid leave and 'à la carte' working hours are broadened and other employment measures relating to work-life balance are approved

    Royal Decree-Law 5/2023 transposes, among others, the EU Directive on work-life balance for parents and carers which, before the end of the legislative session, was passing through parliament as the Families Bill.  
  • Garrigues wins five awards at the 8th Expansión Legal Awards

    It was the biggest winner at the awards for Excellence in Business Law Practice.
  • Spain: Basic equality and diversity obligations at a glance

    The proliferation of equality and diversity regulations has meant that companies need to remain attentive to a whole set of obligations. 
  • The European Parliament approves its position on the Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence

    With this vote, the European Parliament has taken another step in the approval of the Due Diligence Directive (known by the acronyms CS3D/CSDD), aim of which is to ensure that companies operating in the internal market adopt measures to identify, prevent, mitigate, bring to an end and remedy the adverse human rights and environmental impacts of their activities, as well as those of their subsidiaries or value chains. 
  • Publication of the 2022 Sustainability Report detailing the progress made in terms of our ESG commitment

    The new Garrigues report (previously known as the ‘Integrated Report’) includes the Non-Financial Information Statement and marks a major step forward in the firm’s sustainability reporting.