• The Integra Foundation gives Garrigues one of its 2024 Volunteering Awards

    The Integra Foundation has once again recognized Garrigues’ commitment, giving us one of its 2024 Volunteering Awards. It is a very special recognition dedicated to all the Firm’s volunteers who have participated in the workshops helping individuals at risk of social exclusion to recover the confidence they need to, among other things, get a job.
  • Debunking ‘green sheen’: the new rules on environmental claims

    La nueva Directiva europea sobre ‘greenwashing’ o blanqueo ecológico busca acabar con la ecoimpostura y la obsolescencia temprana. La mayoría de las obligaciones que establece ya son sancionables a través de las normas existentes en materia de competencia desleal. Sin embargo, la nueva normativa europea suple algunas lagunas legales.
  • The drinks packaging industry and a tsunami of ESG rules and regulations

    In a new edition of our Garrigues Sustainable Dialogs we look at the changing and hugely complex context that the industry is having to face, following the recently approved waste measures, to be able to continue on its path towards a more circular and environmentally sustainable economy.
  • Final approval for the European directive on greenwashing, requiring greater information to consumers

    The European Council has approved the directive on greenwashing, which will ban commercial practices such as greenwashing and early obsolescence, together with increasing the information that will have to be given to consumers. The new law has yet to be published in the Official Journal of the European Union.
  • Electric car charging stations: key to the electromobility success in Mexico

    El auge de los vehículos eléctricos hará necesario contar con, al menos, 38.000 electrolineras en México en los próximos 20 años, según los expertos. En este contexto, analizamos el actual marco legal para instalar y operar electrolineras en el país.
  • Implementation guidance documents and other news connected with the European sustainability reporting standards (ESRS)

    EFRAG, the European Commission’s independent technical advisory body for preparation of the sustainable reporting standards, launched a public consultation on the first implementation guidance documents and the standards for SMEs. Furthermore, the European Parliament has approved a two-year delay for the elaboration of sector-specific standards and of standards for sustainability reporting by companies outside the EU.
  • Garrigues Sustainable Newsletter - January 2024

    In this newsletter we compile the most relevant legal news on ESG matters in Spain, published by Garrigues.
  • Reflecting sustainability criteria in pay is key to achieving ESG goals

    An increasing number of companies are taking sustainability criteria into consideration not only in executive and director pay, but also in the pay of their staff as a whole, in order to better achieve their ESG goals. We addressed this dynamic in the Garrigues Sustainable dialogs.
  • Garrigues continues to be the top-ranked law firm in the Merco Responsibility ESG ranking

    Garrigues has again been recognized as one of the 100 most responsible companies in Spain according to the 2023 Merco Responsibility ESG ranking published today.
  • The European Parliament approves the Directive on Greenwashing

    The new European regulation, which aims to prevent unfair commercial practices, will have to continue its process before the Council of the EU for its final approval and its subsequent publication in the Official Journal of the European Union.