To the retail operators, administrative penalty imposed on price cheating is one of the most common administrative penalties they would face in their daily operation. Price Cheating, as provided in the Pricing Law of the People's Republic of China (the “PRC”) and Regulations on Prevention of Price Cheating, refers to the act of a business operator cheating or misleading consumers or other business operators to trade with him in a false or misleading pricing form or with a false or misleading method.
Respectively on June 28, 2018 and June 30, 2018, the National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the Special Administration Measures on Foreign Investment Access (Negative List) (2018 Edition) (hereinafter referred to as the “2018 Negative List”) and the Special Administrative Measures on Foreign Investment Access to Pilot Free Trade Zones (Negative List) (2018 Edition) (hereinafter referred to as the “2018 Negative List of FTZ”), to be implemented respectively on July 28, 2018 and July 30, 2018.
To deepen the reform of drug evaluation and approval system, encourage innovations in drugs, and safeguard the rights and interests of the public in regard to drug consumption, China Food and Drug Administration (the “CFDA”) has published series of pharmaceutical laws and regulations recently. Among others, the most notable is the Drug Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China (draft for consultation) (the “Draft”) promulgated on October 23th, 2017 due to several major reforms in the area of drug registration and administration.