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The Garrigues EU and Antitrust Law Department comprises a team of highly specialized professionals who are internationally recognized for their proven expertise. We advise clients on the main antitrust law matters that have emerged in recent years in both Europe and Latin America.

In a context where the application of antitrust law has a growing impact on companies’ economic and corporate activity, we offer sound, comprehensive and multijurisdictional advice on all areas of this discipline.

We regularly advise international clients operating in a wide range of economic sectors, including technology markets, financial services, telecommunications, energy, transportation, distribution and sports, among many others.

Our services

We regularly advise clients on the design and assessment of commercial strategies, distribution and cooperation agreements, unilateral conduct, investigation procedures and penalty proceedings. We have represented clients in hundreds of proceedings before the national antitrust authorities and courts of several European and Latin American countries, as well as before the European Commission and EU courts.

We have vast experience in accompanying, guiding and advising clients from different sectors in all stages of merger control proceedings in multiple jurisdictions, before both national antitrust authorities and the European Commission and in Latin America. As EU and antitrust lawyers, we can quickly and effectively identify, anticipate and resolve the myriad scenarios that can arise in complex deals.

We have a wealth of expertise on regulatory matters in a wide range of sectors in the different jurisdictions in which we operate, including digital platforms, telecommunications, energy, transportation, tobacco, financial services, gambling and postal services.

We have proven experience in anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard investigations before the European Commission and the trade defense authorities of third countries, such as the US or China, as well as in the Latin American countries in which we operate. We act in complex proceedings, both as representatives of European industry and as advisers to exporters and importers.

We advise international organizations, EU Member States and third countries, and public and private companies on all types of matters relating to the application of State aid rules and other forms of state and public intervention. We assist clients in notification, investigation and recovery procedures, as well as in reporting, assessing and defending measures potentially constituting State aid and in relation to the grant of special and exclusive rights.

We have represented clients in over 100 proceedings before the General Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union in actions for annulment, petitions for interim measures and cassation appeals relating to antitrust matters, State aid, regulated sectors, the internal market and taxation, among others.

We are regular litigators in administrative and judicial proceedings at all levels, in all types of antitrust disputes. With offices in Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico, we can provide comprehensive and multidisciplinary advice at local, regional and international level.

Garrigues advises public entities and private companies to help them ensure that their management of EU funds complies with the requirements of EU law. Our team has also represented these entities in audit proceedings conducted by European institutions.

We advise international associations and companies on matters relating to free movement of goods, freedom to provide services, freedom of establishment and free movement of capital in the Internal Market. We have vast experience in informing the European Commission of state laws and regulations that restrict such freedoms.

We regularly work alongside professionals from Garrigues’ tax practice on a broad range of matters within national jurisdictions (such as State tax aid, international taxation, interpretation and litigation with respect to EU tax law).

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