Power transmission projects are reactivated in Mexico

Mexico - 

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) is preparing a project to increase power transmission capacity on the country's west coast and the government of the State of Queretaro announces a power transmission project as a public-private partnership (PPP).

In an official press release, CFE reported on the I20 megaproject for the installation of 766km of transmission lines. On the other hand, the government of the State of Querétaro announced a project to install 140km of transmission lines through a PPP scheme.

CFE's I20 transmission project

Through the I20 project, CFE plans to increase electricity transmission capacity on the west coast of the country with an investment of approximately 750 MUSD for the construction of more than 766 km of transmission lines.

The I20 project will have two phases:

Although CFE has not yet published further details regarding the award of the respective contracts, it is expected that the requirements will include evidence of the bidding company's experience, the technical capacity of its personnel, as well as having concluded contracts with similar scope and satisfactory completion.

Queretaro transmission PPP project

The government of the State of Querétaro, through the Querétaro Energy Agency, plans to tender and supervise an electricity infrastructure project for the installation of 140km of 115kV high-voltage lines, two substations with an installed capacity of 1,500MVA and six control panels. The project will take the form of a public-private partnership and will require an investment of 342 MUSD.

This project is part of the first of three stages of transmission investment by the government of Querétaro planned for 2024, which will meet the growing energy demand for industrial use in the state as a result of the nearshoring increase.

The details of the legal scheme and the precise way in which private parties will participate in the Queretaro project are not known at this stage.

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