The Ministry of Equality extends Garrigues’ certification as an Equal Opportunities Employer

Spain - 

The constant renewal of the firm’s commitment to ensuring that both women and men have the same opportunities was highly valued

The Ministry of Equality has decided to extend Garrigues’ certification as an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE), a mark of excellence that acknowledges companies “that notably and significantly excel in the application of equal treatment and equal opportunity policies” through equality measures and plans. 

The firm was first certified as an EOE in 2017. In its decision to grant the extension (valid for a further three years), the Ministry commended “the constant renewal of the firm’s commitment to ensuring that both women and men have the same access and participation opportunities and are aware of the firm’s values and actions in the areas of equality and work-life balance.”

The Ministry acknowledged the way in which Garrigues’ Third Equality Plan –rolled out by the firm in 2020– fosters work-life balance and shared responsibility measures, and praised new initiatives for more flexible time management, as well as the continuation and extension of steps designed to nurture female talent.

“Being certified as an Equal Opportunity Employer is a distinction we are particularly proud of, since it recognizes the work done by Garrigues in promoting equal opportunities. Equality is one of our core values, a goal in itself, and while we still have a long way to go, acknowledgments such as EOE status spur us to deepen our commitment,” explained Fernando Vives, executive chairman of Garrigues.

With a view to ensuring it offers its professionals the best possible development opportunities, in 2008 the firm launched its first Equality Plan, a groundbreaking initiative in the sector. In 2017, Garrigues unveiled its Second Equality Plan, continuing the measures introduced under the first plan and incorporating further measures to ensure greater retention of talent and professional development. The objective of the third Equality Plan, launched in 2020, is to continue making progress in this area.

Measures implemented by Garrigues notably include the Mentoring Program, which supports female professionals by giving them a space to develop valuable working relationships and providing them with tools and methods to further their progression at the firm, and the Garrigues Optimum Plan, which allows employees to reduce their working hours during the two years following the end of their maternity or paternity leave, with no reduction in pay.